Daily Dig: Margø


Coming all the way from Canada you have an up and coming starlet who has an extremely bright future ahead of her. That individual being Margø and she’s a sublime singer/ songwriter whom made her debut earlier this year. Her passion for music burns intensely, from an early age she always wanted to create honest music with the intention of empowering those who listen to her words.

8th November 2019 saw the unveiling of Margø’s 4th single and this being Someday. Independently released this tantalising tune is an anthem esque pop bop that’s been perfectly crafted. In fact Someday was my introduction to Margø’s world and all I can say is WOW. Those sugary sweet vocal tones were like a breath of fresh air whilst those lyrics told a story of discovering your own self worth. This captivating content told the story of a couple who are on rocky ground, the girl then gets her heart broken from her partner whom she worshipped. As this succulent song progressed it then touched on the theme of regret regarding this parting of ways “Someday you will look back/ And you will wish you’re on my mind/ Someday you’ll find that/ You can’t go back/ I’m still on your mind”. The compelling chorus was a celebration which saw Margø realise she deserves so much more.

Here is what she had to say regarding this tasty track “‘Someday’ is about finding the inner strength to leave a relationship where you were taken for granted, and knowing that someday the other person will have deep regrets for letting you go. It’s about knowing your worth, recognising the type of love you deserve, and finding closure in your own happiness”.

Having been hooked on this number I then decided to delve into the back catalogue and Margo has something incredibly special here. Debut single In Between was a thumping pop/ rock jam with lyrics which hit me like a full on force. There was a dash of sadness as it focused on a relationship deteriorating, the guy has parted from the girl for someone else leading Margo to say “I was never enough”. This track was ranked #1 on the Hype Machine main chart and earned placement on the extremely popular YouTube channel CloudKid.

Sophomore single Game Over was an entrancing number which I fell for hook line and sinker. The melody had myself tapping my toe, whilst those wondrous words were super sassy. This catchy composition even received placement on the Spotify Editorial playlist Fresh Finds: Poptronix, as well as on the popular YouTube channel Valiant Music.

Finally Lovelost was a mesmeric tune smothered in pop goodness. Everything about this outstanding original was spot on, those lyrics oozed a darkness whilst the melody was full of heavy beats. Just like Someday this number centred on a toxic relationship and discovering that you deserve so much more. It’s a case of you if you get knocked down you come back stronger “There’s no Lovelost when I’m the strong one/ Never change/ Run astray/ There’s no Lovelost when you’re the wrong one/ I’ll never be the same”. Anyhow this catchy composite also earned a placement on Valiant music.

Someday is available from iTunes 

In Between/ Game Over/ Lovelost are available from iTunes

Official Website

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