Kaitlyn Mann: Rollercoaster Single Review


Kaitlyn Mann is an impeccable singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from New York City. Now I have nothing but admiration for this tremendous talent, Mann is a passionate individual who even streams most of her live performances via Facebook live and Instagram live.

Aside from that Kaitlyn made her independent debut in 2017, this year saw the unveiling of four fantastic singles and these being Make Me Crave, High, Love Me Like I’m Her and Tonight (all of which featured on the debut Make Me Crave LP). The two years which followed saw the release of Get Down (2018), Sleepwalkin’ (2018), In The Air (2018), Too Much (2019), Serve (2019), New Boo (2019) and most recently Rollercoaster.

November 22nd 2019 saw the unveiling of Rollercoaster, this exquisite track was a perfectly penned piece of perfection which left me relishing hearing more outstanding originals in 2020. I first heard this impeccable track whist watching a stream on Facebook, from that moment I was hooked and eagerly anticipated hearing the full blown studio version. Now I’ve had this succulent single on constant repeat and I cannot help but lavish praise on it. The upbeat Rollercoaster was an addictive pop/ R&B tinged jam aided by Kaitlyn’s refreshing vocal tones and emotional lyrics which told a clear cut story. Brimming with plenty of darkness, this epic number painted the picture of a toxic relationship (that’s likened to a Rollercoaster) which involved abuse “You got me up against a wall/ You’re still saying you’re not sure/ I got my hands up on your throat/ You know that’s what I like the most”. However the girl is happy to be in this partnership despite it being seriously unhealthy. Actually the reason why they haven’t gone separate ways could fall down to weakness “I pushed you away/ But I want you to stay/ I told you to go”.

Rollercoaster is available from iTunes (US/ UK)

Official Website

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