Frida Farrell: You Can’t Hurt Me No More Single Review


Frida Farrell is a singer, song-writer, actress and producer who comes all the way from Malmo, Sweden. Now based in Los Angeles, Farrell is an exceptional talent who has a burning passion to succeed. In fact having graduated from London’s Central School of Speech and Drama, Frida then made the decision to start up her own theatre company at age 24, here she produced plays in London for several years.

Farrell then moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to extensively work in both Film and Television. Four year later saw the birth of her own film company, Development Hell Pictures. Together with her production partner, they produced 6 short films and one web series which were honoured with 10 awards across the USA and 30 nominations for best short / best web series.

I was introduced to Frida’s works earlier this year, back then I was blessed with the 2 Paper Dolls Never First EP. This exquisite effort consisted of 4 enchanting numbers which intensified the desire for more. Both Frida Farrell and Isabel Latz have a musical connection and I for one cannot wait to hear more in the nearby future.

All that aside 2018 released an independent feature film called Selling Isobel aka Apartment 407. Now this production went down a storm, it also won the “Indie Award for best picture” at Raindance in London, UK amongst others. Now Apartment 407 is based on a true events and these being Farrell’s experience surviving sex trafficking.

To accompany this feature, Frida had dropped a brand new original and this being You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore. Now I’ve listened to this song a number of times and it left me lost for words. You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore was a heartbreaking ballad accompanied by hard hitting lyrics which knocked me for six. Farrell also unveiled the official music video and it featured clips from Apartment 407. Emotions literally got the better of me, my heart goes out to Frida as she had to endure these harrowing experiences. This ordeal broke her spirits to the extent where she wanted to disappear.

Whilst those visuals were harrowing, there was a slight happier note to the song as Farrell sang how she gained the strength to remove herself from this situation “You Can’t Hurt Me No More/ I’ve grown too big and strong/ I can conquer the world”. These words could quite easily give any survivor hope.

You Can’t Hurt Me No More is available from cdbaby

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