KTJ & Carly: Moonlight Single Review


30th October 2019 saw KTJ & Carly return with their sophomore single and this being Moonlight. Now I have a lot of love for this act, twins sisters Katie and Carly Haynes have a burning passion for music and I for one cannot wait to hear more impeccable originals in the future. Not only do they have a YouTube channel covering other artists songs, KTJ & Carly also made their debut in July with the hypnotic On Your Mind. These sisters truly know how to pen perfect songs.

Anyways my thoughts on Moonlight are positive ones, this number is yet another enchanting piece of pure pop. That marvellous melody had dashes of an EDM influence, the vibrant vocals were silky smooth whilst those lyrics were dashed with plenty of emotion. Basically Moonlight focused on a relationship break down, as the song progressed you realise things were toxic “It was you and I/ But all you ever did was make me want to cry/ Why did I like it/ All of your lies/ Then you treated me like shit” but instead of hating the ex, the girl in question reminisces on happier times “Still somehow every time I see your face/ It takes me back to the happier days”.

I cannot help but feel for this girl after hearing this tale of how her heart was broken “I feel lonely at night/ Staring at the Moonlight/ I wish this feeling inside/ Will go away, go away/ So I don’t have to hide”.

Moonlight is available from iTunes (US/ UK)

Official Website

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