Taylor Belle: Senses Single Review



Taylor Belle is an independent singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from New York City. Now based in California, this talented 21 year old is a passionate individual whom has a wealth of formidable originals under her sleeve. It was back in 2017 when Belle made her debut onto the music scene, the release on offer being Another Words and the Loved & Lost EP, this 4 track collection also spawned the single What You Do. Over the following 3 years Taylor would go on to release a series of sensational songs and these being Don’t Waste My Time (2018), Force Of Forgetting (2018), F**ked Up (2018), Dreamstate (2018), Real Ones (2019), Blah Blah (2019), Dimensions (2019), Wrong Time Wrong Place (2019).

From delving into the back catalogue and having watched her very own interpretations of well know tunes on YouTube, I can tell Taylor Belle has something incredibly special and she’s most definitely someone to keep an eye out for. Everything about these original compositions were simply top notch, Belle’s songwriting abilities were out of this world and then you have those tantalising tones that were extremely refreshing.

11th October 2019 saw Taylor Belle independently unveil the Senses single and this being a captivating cut which has me excited for the future. This succulent single was a dreamy slice of sheer bliss, that sleek melody radiated plenty of R&B goodness whilst Taylor’s dazzling soulful vocals were smooth like butter. As for those luscious lyrics, they were extremely tender and sultry. If I was to sum up this tantalising tune in one word it would have to be ENCHANTING.

Here is what Belle had to say “I always let the beat influence the mood of the song. I was feeling some type of way when creating this song, an overload of my senses. When I’m with 1 person, it’s kind of a sensory overload, both mentally and physically”. 

Senses is available from iTunes (US/ UK)

Official Website

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