Kaitlyn Mann: New Boo Single Review

Kaityln Mann is a sublime singer/ songwriter who I hold in my highest regards. I was introduced to her very own compositions last year, from diving into the back catalogue I knew this talented teenager had something extremely special. Kaitlyn comes all the way from New York City, the passion she has for music is burning intensely. Not only is she a superb singer/ songwriter, Mann is a pianist and a programmer as well. Whilst I’m unable to witness Kaitlyn perform live (due to the deep blue sea that separates America from the United Kingdom) I do manage to catch those performances via the magic that is Instagram Live and Facebook Live.

That aside 5th September 2019 saw the unveiling of a brand new single and this being New Boo. Kaitlyn Mann has done it yet again and crafted a right gem which had me fully enthralled on my very first listen. This succulent single was an upbeat slice of perfection, Mann’s super sweet vocal tones radiated a sassiness whilst those perfectly penned lyrics were incredibly addictive.

I’ve listened to this compelling cut multiple times and I must say I’m greatly impressed with the end product. These words focused on having the heart broken but residual feelings for the ex partner are still there “I’m losing all my senses/ My life’s such a mess/ I’m so stuck on you/ Why am I so obsessed”. As this captivating cut progressed Kaitlyn wonders if she should get a New Boo to get over the ex.

Putting everything into perspective, Kaitlyn Mann is an exciting talent with a bright future ahead of her. The passion that flows through her veins tells me she has what it takes. Mann is a gifted individual who has the ability to craft majestic tracks. New Boo hooked me on my very first listen, the singles prior were also phenomenal slices of perfection. I’m actually excited for what the future holds for Kaitlyn Mann, hopefully the likes of Serve and New Boo are a glimpse of what to expect from the follow up to the Make Me Crave LP.

You can get New Boo from iTunes (UK/ US)

Official Website

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