On My Radar: August 2019


On My Radar is a brand new monthly series showcasing a Spotify playlist featuring the Creme De La Creme. The majority of the artists featured on this edition remain unsigned whilst the likes of Lauren Alaina, Twinnie and Diamante already have record deals.

Not only do you have the Spotify playlist below but I’ve also reviewed each track featured explaining why it made the cut.

Fox and Bones – Running Free: Recently I reviewed this tremendous track and I hold it in my highest regards. Fox and Bones independently unveiled this glorious folk pop cut 2nd August 2019 and it’s been perfectly penned. Sarah and Scott’s vocal tones were a breath of fresh air, those luscious lyrics uplifted me and then you had that fast paced whimsical melody. Everything about this number was spot on, Running Free was a gem of a song that’s been crafted to perfection. Just listening to this tune puts a massive smile on my face. As I mentioned in the review I envisioned a relationship in the very early stages and it all stems down to the one line “With no idea what the future could hold”.

KTJ & Carly – On My Mind: Katie and Carly Haynes are twins who ooze bundles of potential. Now KTJ & Carly unleashed this debut on 19th July 2019 and it’s a succulent slice of synth pop. Now why this tantalising treat features on the first volume of On My Radar is purely because anthem esque On Your Mind was a whimsical slice of sheer bliss. Those sugary sweet vocal tones were a breath of fresh air and had me envisioning Ariana Grande. Whist those lyrics focused on toxic relationships and how it takes time for the trust in men to return “But you gotta understand, I still got trust issues from past men/ I can tell that you don’t think that I’m serious/ Damn, why you gotta be, mysterious, mysterious”.

Olivia Penelva – All Along: 30th July 2019 saw Olivia Penalva unveil her latest single and I cannot help but lavish praise on it. My love for Penalva’s music goes all the way back to the moment I received a sneek peek of the Weightless EP in 2016. Anyhow All Along was a beautiful pop ballad aided by dreamy uplifting lyrics and Olivia’s tenderly sweet vocal tones. The mellowing melody paired with those vibrant vocals had me grinning from beginning to end. If I was to sum up All Along in one word it would have to be enchanting.

Kaitlyn Mann – Serve: I have nothing but good things to say about this superb song. Released 5th June 2019, Serve was a super sassy anthem aided by an upbeat melody, tennis inspired lyrics and Mann’s vibrant vocal tones which packed plenty of attitude. She’s a passionate singer/ songstress/ producer who oozes bundles of potential. Now I’ve been an admirer of Kaitlyn’s material for a while now, debut album Make Me Crave was out of this world and the likes of Sleepwalkin’, In The Air, Too Much and Serve has me relishing her next move.

Diamante – When I’m Not Around You: This impeccable number was released 2nd August 2019 via Better Noise Records. Now I have nothing but love for Diamante, she’s a sterling singer who is based in Los Angeles. Having been enthralled with the back catalogue, I was thoroughly intrigued to hear what she comes up with next. Now When I’m Not Around You does not disappoint in the slightest, this track is a blend of pop meets rock. The very beginning delved into ballad territory (similar to I’m Sorry) then moments later Diamante goes into full rock goddess mode. This addictive song was actually a vengeful anthem aimed at an ex partner whose realised what he’s lost.

Erin Kirby – Steal Your Heart: Independently released on 28th June 2019 was the sophomore single from Atlanta’s very own singer/ songstress Erin Kirby. Now I am very new when it comes to all things Erin and I must say I’m greatly impressed. Steal Your Heart was a majestical concoction of R&B meets pop, Kirby’s candy coated vocal tones radiated plenty of sleek soulful vibes. Why this delectable tune made it on the playlist was purely because it’s an enchanting number. These clear cut words centre on falling in love but you’re not sure if the boy feelings are mutual.  The official music video then delves into things a bit deeper. Here Erin is in a relationship but is waiting to make it official. But the boy in question appears to be distracted leaving Kirby in a state of limbo “I really need to know/ Know how you feel/ Before I waste my time/ On something that ain’t real”. Still Erin Kirby is a rising pop star who oozes potential and her debut EP is incoming.

Twinnie – Social Babies: This superb song came out 1st July 2019 and I’m ecstatic it received the single treatment. Now Twinnie Lee Moore has an absolute cracker on her hands which heightens my anticipation for the Hollywood Gypsy debut LP next year. Well I was lucky to witness this live at The Crazy Coqs in 2016 and from that very moment it became one of my firm favourites (alongside Nearly Never).

Well this was an addictive gem which explored our obsession for social media. The moment my ears were blessed with this number I was instantaneously hooked. My favourite part has to be the chorus where Twinnie mentions about iOS and using the lo fi filter when it comes to editing photos.

Lauren Alaina – Ladies In The ’90s: Where do I start, Lauren Alaina is a spectacular singer/ songstress who comes all the way from Georgia, USA. Having finished runner up on the 10th season of American Idol, Lauren has gone on to release two phenomenal LPs and these being Wildflower (2011) and Road Less Traveled (2017). Recently Alaina headlined the 2019 edition of Nashville Meets London, this being the first time for me witnessing her do her thing. By the end of the evening I was thoroughly invested with the material Lauren showcased.

Ladies In The ’90s came out 5th October 2018 and it’s a quirky slice of addictive country pop. Those verses were mesmeric but it was the punchy chorus which put a smile on my face. I adored the name checks of Britney Spears, TLC, Shania Twain, Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera who are some of the Ladies Of The ’90s. Even though this tasty track came out last year, it heightens my anticipation for album number 3.

Hydra Lerna – In The Dark: Recently I had Hydra Lerna email regarding her latest single In The Dark asking if I could listen to the track. So I did just that and I literally fell in love with it there and then. 20th June 2019 saw the unveiling of this blissful tune, a month later saw the official music video make its way to YouTube. I was immensely impressed with this track, this led me to search the back catalogue and all I can say is WOW. Anyway it is Abigail Blake who adopts the moniker Hydra Lerna, this is literally a brand new chapter and I for one am excited for what is to come.

Perfectly written, In The Dark was literally a vision of beauty, that melody was dreamy, those vocals were softly sweet whilst the lyrics depicted a clear cut story. Basically I envisioned two girls coming together who’ve been burnt by the same guy. Well I adored everything about this compelling cut, actually it left me in an utter daze.

Sabina Beyli – Searching For You: Born in Azerbaijan but now based in London this rising star definitely has something special. Sabina who made a name for herself on The Voice Kids in Turkey is a talented teenager who has a handful of impeccable tunes to her name. Now Searching For You dropped 30th March 2019 and its a memerising slice of pop bliss. Now I’ve been listening to forthcoming single Close on repeat and I’m well and truly bowled over with how amazing Beyli actually is.

Searching For You is a beautiful piece of pop perfection, there was a dreaminess to the melody, Sabina’s vibrant vocals were a breath of fresh air whilst the lyrics had slight dashes of emotion nearing the end. You could tell that Beyli delivered this epic number with her heart and soul. That passion is burning and she’s definitely one to look out for.

Taylor Grey – Bubbly: 28th June 2019 saw the unveiling of this superb single. Now Taylor Grey is a talented singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from California, recently she supported The Vamps in the UK. Whilst I still have to witness her perform live, I’m a firm follower of her work. Bubbly was a beautiful tune aided by super sweet lyrics and Grey’s gorgeous vocal tones. This perfectly penned number was actually a cover of Colbie Caillat and Taylor’s done such a sterling job here.

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