KTJ & Carly: On Your Mind Single Review

19th July 2019 saw KTJ & Carly make their debut with the outstanding On Your Mind. Now I have nothing but praise for these talented Texan twin sisters, they are an impressive act who discovered their love for music/ performing at the age of 5. In fact it was a pink Barbie guitar Katie and Carly were gifted Christmas 2006 which started it all. The sisters took their musical education seriously, with KTJ focused on piano and production taking pre-college courses at NYU’s Music Production and Technology and Carly immersing herself in an intensive 3 month music and theatre program at Carnegie Mellon University.

On Your Mind was a perfectly penned piece of perfection which packed plenty of promise. Resonating plenty of synth pop vibes, this sensational single is literally my latest addiction. Those clear cut lyrics focused on how past toxic relationships can hamper the ability to move on “But you gotta understand, I still got trust issues from past men/ I can tell that you don’t think that I’m serious/ Damn, why you gotta be, mysterious, mysterious” and then you had sugary sweet vocal tones which I found to be incredibly refreshing (these tantalising tones had me envisioning Ariana Grande). Actually those luscious lyrics sent soothing shivers down my spine.

You could consider this soothing song to be an anthem in the making as it radiated plenty of attitude/ sass “Leave while you can/ You little narcissistic man/ You’ve got the touch, you’ve got the face/ This is one thing I would like to erase”.

All in all On Your Mind was a phenomenal debut which showcased the girls sublime songwriting skills as well as their impeccable vocals/ hypnotic harmonising.


On Your Mind is available from iTunes

Official Website

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