2 Paper Dolls: Never First EP Review


2 Paper Dolls are an exquisite female duo comprising of Swedish born Frida Farrell (vocals/piano) and Texan Isabel Latz (guitar/backing vocals). These two women met online and instantly developed a musical connection, it was at this moment this exiting outfit came into the world. Now both ladies are both talented, Farrell is an actor, songwriter, and vocalist who recently starred in the film Apartment 407 whilst Latz has toured Europe as a drummer in an all-female punk rock band.

Now based in Los Angeles this tantalising two piece possess something incredibly special. At this moment in time 2 Paper Dolls have over 20 outstanding originals underneath their belt plus they’ve played at various LA venues, including the likes of the Viper Room and the House of Blues.

16th January 2019 saw 2 Paper Dolls make their debut on the music scene with the 4 track Never First EP. I’ve had this radiant release on a constant loop and it leaves me relishing what the rest of 2019 will hold for this impeccable two some. Now this marvelous mini album was refreshing folk pop which I found to be incredibly enchanting. Anyhow things opened up with Not Alright and this being the lead single, whilst being purely pop there were tinges of a rock influence. Still I found this sumptuous song to be an entrancing piece of perfection, Frida’s vocal tones were a breath of fresh air whilst Isabel’s backing vocals were the perfect infusion. The lyrics were crystal clear and had me picturing a relationship that’s come to an end “My mind’s running in circles, trying to figure you out/ What you said was hurtful and you left me in doubt/ Lying here in the dark, imaging you/ How fast you made your mark/ Then tore my heart in two”. Drenched in emotion, Frida vented her frustrations by saying how she doesn’t like fighting with the one she loves. Track 2 came in the shape of When You Leave and yet again it was an emotive number packed with heart wrenching lyrics. This tear jerking content revolved around losing the one you love from your life unexpectedly “Why did you choose to cut me loose/ Leave me, cold our story untold”. Both Farrell and Latz’s tantalising tones perfectly meshed together which created something incredibly spellbinding. I wont lie but a lump came to my throat when visualising the story told “When You Leave who’s gonna make me laugh/ Hold my hand/ And look at me that way/ Everyday”. Three tracks in I begin to realise the recurring theme of heart break. Unlike the prior two songs, Not Up To Me centred on a break up which ended on good terms. Yes the lyrical content oozed sadness, but the spark has gone so they have decided to part ways. Never First then concluded with the whimsical I Followed My Heart, I have nothing but praise for this beautiful number. Frida’s vocal tones were literally a breath of fresh air whilst Isabel’s harmonies were on point. Then you had those charming lyrics which conveyed the story of how Frida followed her heart to achieve her fairy tale “I Followed My Heart/ Right from the start/ Almost led me down a crazy path/ But I stuck to my word/ Just never got hurt/ Always came 2nd or 3rd/ Never first”. Just listening to this succulent song had me grinning all throughout. Actually the melody had me envisioning Charlotte Bash’s Leave.

Never First is available to purchase from CD Baby

Official Website


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