Girl Pow-R: Never Let Go Single Review


Female collective Girl Pow-R have started this new year off with a brand spanking new single. Having made their debut towards the end of 2017 with the single Krisi, this amazing group have gone from strength to strength. 2018 saw them drop the likes of Fun All Day, Stronger Than Yesterday and Friends Click all of which were exceptional slices of pop perfection. 18th January 2019 saw the unveiling of Never Let Go and this being a well written synth bliss.

Coming all the way from Toronto, this sensational septet comprise of Ava Marie Scaccia, Bella Lecomte, Carina Bianchini, Kalista Wilson, Krisalyn Bellavance, Milana Mascia and Sofia Kay. Girl Pow-R originally launched in conjunction with International Women’s Day. This was in support of #BeBoldForChange to provide an opportunity for the voices of young women in the pre-teen to early teen years to speak to their peers in a fresh, new voice. Considering they were put together, the bond that they share is literally water tight.

I’ve had Never Let Go on constant repeat and I’m thoroughly impressed by the end product. This succulent single was a slice of upbeat pop with lyrics which convey an inspirational message. That is the one thing I love about this amazing act as they are voices for the younger generation. Basically Never Let Go is about not letting people mould you into something you’re not “Bring me down, bring me down It means nothing/ Can’t you see, just see that it’s hurting/ I don’t want to be them/ To my own drum beating/ Yeah I tried, yeah I tried/ To be someone/ That I’m not, that I’m not/ Yeah I’m so dumb/ I don’t want to be that/ To my own drum beating”. Yes the pressure is always there if you want to be accepted in a Friends Click, but remember everyone is unique. The girls vibrant vocals were sugary sweet and those relatable lyrics were packed with intriguing hooks. These whimsical words could apply to the social media but I’m picturing being the new kid at school and want to fit in. Hence why you want to change so the poplar kids accept you.

Never Let Go can be purchased from iTunes (US/ UK)

Official Website

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