Stephen Martines: Shot Glasses & Bullet Holes


Stephen Martines is back with a brand new single and this coming in the shape of Shot Glasses And Bullet Holes. Having been enthralled with the likes of Just A Kiss, Beach Ball, Sounds Like Whiskey and Like I’m Elvis I knew all to well that this tune will be ever so impeccable and my assumptions were right. Coming all the way from St Louis this intriguing individual could quite easily capture any ones attention.

Shot Glasses & Bullet Holes came out 16th November 2018 and it was released via Red Rose Records. With the likes of Country Music Week and the annual Country To Country music festival, Stephen Martines can quite easily make an impact here in the United Kingdom. Anyhow this succulent single was co written with Brandon Ray (“Ends of the Earth,” “Small Talkin'”) and Bart Butler (Thomas Rhett’s “Make Me Wanna”; Jon Pardi, Dierks Bentley, Clay Walker) and it’s an entrancing piece of sheer perfection. Martines vocals were extremely rich and those clear cut lyrics oozed plenty of heart break “I remember the words rolling off her lips/ Saying it ain’t you, it’s me that’s it/ Goodbye baby and off like a rocket/ Little did she know I had the ring in my pocket/ Right in front of our friends/ She broke this man/ So I disappeared for a couple days/ Just me and Johnny Red and an old 12 gauge”. This tantalising tune focuses on losing that special person from your life, whether it’s a mistake made or the flame felt having been extinguished. Now Shot Guns & Bullet Holes was slightly personal and his way of coping was to drink to numb the pain.

On the whole this succulent single (albeit heartbreaking) was a captivating piece of country which showcased Stephen’s exquisite singing/ songwriting skills.

Shot Guns & Bullet Holes is available from iTunes



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