Libby Whitehouse @ The Haunt 13th November 2018



Libby Whitehouse is a talented teenager who has a promising future ahead of her. Having performed at various Summer festivals last year, the incredible Whitehouse was set to make her debut as a headline artist at Brighton’s The Haunt. She’s already released a multitude of sensational singles but this exquisite event was the Feels EP release show. Featuring 4 outstanding originals, this impeccable mini album is a slice of sheer bliss and I was fortunate to hear it a week prior to the official release.

Introducing the acts this evening you had Capital FM’s Miranda Burns. Support was provided by Daisy Caliendo who performed a short 3 tune set consisting of two originals and a cover. Then you had Tiggy whom played an impeccable acoustic set which left me completely captivated. She’s an unsigned musician and based on the material showcased she’s one to keep an eye on. Tiggy even went ahead with this support slot even though she had an allergic reaction earlier on. Once her set was over it was then another 15 minutes until the main act took to the stage.


Come 9pm Libby’s band took to the stage, a short video then began to play which cranked up the anticipation. Now I take my hat off here, when Whitehouse made her entrance onto the stage the microphone wasn’t working. This then resulted in her singing but nothing being heard. A part of me thought she’ll say can we start again, but Libby was a real trouper and carried on regardless. The audience cheered the moment she swapped microphones with one of her backing singers. Anyhow the song which kick started proceedings was Hands On Me and this being a upbeat/ sleek RnB jam. I adored this tasty track, Whitehouse’s tantalising tones were sumptuosly sweet whilst those compelling lyrics had me tapping my toe. Actually I found these addictive words to be rather sultry. Once over it was then onto a bit of Too Deep, released earlier this year this delightful number was delivered to perfection. Those vibrant vocals were spot on whilst those luscious lyrics left me utterly enthralled. The performance was drenched in plenty of soulful RnB vibes. What I Want was a blissful pop belter. Written to perfection, this succulent song had infectious lyrics and Whitehouse’s candy coated vocals made me want to get my groove on. Come to think about it Libby’s journey would make a good movie. Following on you had Cut It Off, this tantalising track was released May this year and it was a real pleasure to witness it live. The delivery was literally flawless, those lyrics were mesmeric whilst Whitehouse’s vocals were so stunning. The marvelous melody easily had me moving on the spot. The band then left the stage, it was just Libby and her keyboard player for Recipe. Now if I was to describe the performance in one word it would have to be magical. Recipe had been stripped back showcasing Whitehouse’s spine tingling tones. Infused to the ending it was then time for a cover of Jonas Blue. By Your Side was a wondrous number which she faultlessly delivered, those delightful vocal tones were so sweet whilst the keyboard melody resulted in something rather dreamy. “Thank you for coming. As you know my EP drops at midnight tonight so we thought we’d give you a little preview” Libby humbly said to the audience whilst the band took to the stage.


The final 4 tunes feature on the Feels EP and first up was lead single New Boy. Libby Whitehouse was joined by two female dancers. Now this terrific tune was a pop anthem which served as an open letter to  friends ex partner. Basically Whitehouse is telling the ex boyfriend to leave her friend alone as she’s moved on. Anyhow this dazzling delight was faultlessly delivered, there was a sassiness to Libby’s gorgeous vocals, those lyrics were addictive and then the choreography was on point. Rewind was a chilled out garage pop gem, everything about this glorious song was mesmeric and the buttery smooth vocals were easy on my ear. Anyhow the radiant Rewind had lyrics which reminisced a prior relationship. The memories had Whitehouse wishing she could Rewind time to the beginning of the relationship. I Know What You Like was the penultimate number of the evening and it was an enthralling piece of perfection. This was flawlessly delivered, this dazzling diamond was literally a blissful piece of RnB and Libby’s pleasant vocals were so soothing. Just witnessing this compelling number right in front of me was incredibly hypnotising. Chasing The Rush ended what had been an exquisite evening. One word for this captivating cut would be enchanting. Chasing The Rush was an epic fresh/ funky anthem aided by upbeat lyrics and Whitehouse’s heavenly vocal range. These whimsical words were uplifting due to the fact they were saying chase your dreams, don’t let anyone pour water on them. The fact Libby Whitehouse and band were accompanied by a saxophone player resulted in something which left me in a daze.


Hands On Me
Too Deep
What I Want
Cut It Off
By Your Side
New Boy
I Know What You Like
Chasing The Rush

OVERALL: Seeing Libby Whitehouse make her headline debut at The Haunt was a must. Whitehouse most definitely is a rising pop starlet and this evening showed that she has an extremely exciting future ahead of her. The material showcased this evening was stupendous and the Feels EP is a release I’ll have on a constant loop.

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