STF: Lookalike Single Review


2nd November 2018 saw STF (aka Stefan Poole) emerge onto the musical scene with his debut single Lookalike. Having been hooked on this track, I know all to well that this LA based singer/ songwriter/ musician has something extremely good here.

Let’s go back in time, Stefan is a dual Italian/ American citizen who was raised between Tucson, Arizona, and Milan, Italy. His father is an American entrepreneur and his mother is an Italian fashion designer. It was at the age of 13 when his father introduced him to the guitar. From this very moment Poole’s passion for music had been ignited. Stefan then took up piano, violin, and drums, even though he loved playing the drums it just wasn’t for him. This purely being down to the fact he wanted to be part of the creative process. Four years later Stefan began singing and writing his original material, after graduating from high school Poole moved to Los Angeles to attend Musicians Institute.

Poole got his first professional break when he was cast as a musician on the hit FOX series Glee. In between seasons, Poole went back to Italy to appear on a talent show called Amici, which he describes as a cross between American Idol and Big Brother. For the six weeks the show was on the air, Poole was a star “I would walk down the street and get mobbed by people wanting to take pictures. I’d pass by the newsstand and my face was on magazine covers. It felt like a dream. One moment nobody knew me, the next moment the whole country knew me. Then it all stopped when the next season started because there was a new cast”.

Stefan Poole had recorded a bilingual album for Sony, unfortunately that wound up being shelved. He decided to move back to L.A. and rejoin the cast of Glee, but other setbacks followed, including a deal with an indie label that didn’t pan out, a painful break-up, and health issues. Poole then became a touring musician and opened for the likes of Jojo, Brian McKnight, Anderson.Paak plus he toured with Jack & Jack as part of their band.

Back to the single in question, what STF (pronounced Stef) has here is something which is pure synth pop. Everything about Lookalike is sheer perfection, Poole’s vocal tones are sweetly smooth, the melody is mesmeric and then you have those clear cut lyrics. Basically this tasty tune focused on a relationship break down, the girl has found a new partner who could quite easily be Stefan’s doppelganger “You’re trying so hard/ Just to replace me/ Why can’t you face it/ I’m still the one whose got a hold of your heart/ Imitation/ He’s not the real me baby/ Congratulations/ You’ve found a knock off of me/ Wasting all of your love on a Lookalike”. This hypnotising number had me hooked from the get go and leaves me anticipating more outstanding originals in the future.

Here is what STF had to say regarding this compelling cut “After my last relationship ended, I went to my ex’s Facebook page and found out that she was already dating somebody new, and this guy was basically my doppelganger — same haircut, same facial hair and style. And I thought, ‘You couldn’t have me, so you found the closest thing.’ Writing helps me emotionally vent in a safe environment, so of course I wrote a song about it”.



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