Sara Diamond: Foreward EP Review

23 year old Sara Diamond is a sterling singer/ songwriter who comes all the way fro Montreal, Quebec. This talented Canadian is an intriguing individual whom re emerged onto the music scene in 2016 debut single Just Give In. I was introduced to Sara in 2017, the single was Unsure and from that moment I was hooked. Looking into her background I discovered she joined children’s pop collective Kidzup at the age of 5. In in 2009 she was recruited by Interscope head Jimmy Iovine to join Canadian teen pop trio the Clique Girlz, this three piece would disband later that year. This then led to her to become disenchanted with the industry and she took a step back to work on her own craft. Actually Sara started singing for the Montreal Canadiens, performing the American and Canadian National Anthems during the 2013 season, then going on to sing the American National Anthem during the 2014 and 2015 NHL Playoffs alongside Ginette Reno.

Aside from that 26th October 2018 saw Sara Diamond unveil her debut EP Foreward via CYOR Sound. This 7 track mini album spawned the singles Fool, Latter and Crash, these trio of tracks were splendid works of art. In literature the Foreward always serves as a brief introduction and this exquisite effort is just that. These outstanding originals oozed plenty of sleek soulful/ R&B vibes which has me anticipating the opening chapter. Things opened up with the ever so entrancing Know My Name. Just listening to this laid back jam renders my speechless. Radiating plenty of R&B vibes, this sumptuous song was a sheer piece of perfection, those lyrics were sultry whist Sara’s tantalising raspy tones had me envisioning MØ at times “Do you wanna know my name/ Do you wanna know my number/ Are we gonna light the flame/ Or just feed into the hunger”. Track 2 came in the shape of Stop Pretending. Everything about this compelling cut was spent on, Stop Pretending was a fresh and funky upbeat jam which had me tapping my toe. Sara’s vibrant vocals were buttery smooth and the whole production was so pristine. Then you had those sultry words which saw Diamond ask the object of her affection “If we could listen to our hearts and Stop Pretending/ Would it be different/ If we could listen to our hearts and just let go”. I’m actually picturing BFF’s whom have feelings for one another but the guy doesn’t want to jeopardise the friendship. Infused to the ending of Stop Pretending was the compelling Colors. This whimsical cut was a slick piece of R&B, those lyrics left me in an utter trance whilst Diamond’s impeccable vocal delivery had e picturing Sinead Harnett. That gorgeous melody was so refreshing resulting in something which left me utterly hooked. Actually on my very first listen the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on edge. The wondrous Crash was another  sleek piece of R&B which was pleasant on my ear. Diamond’s sumptuously sweet soulful vocal tones were a breath of fresh air whilst that gorgeous melody was chilled out. Then you had those beautiful well written lyrics which showcased Sara’s exquisite song writing abilities. Latter was a smooth jam aided by beautiful lyrics which captivated me. Everything about this tune was spot on, those words were incredibly laid back and then you had Sara Diamond’s glitzy vocal tones which emitted plenty of soulful vibes. The anthem esque Fool was a refreshing slice of pure perfection. That chilled out melody was drenched in plenty of R&B goodness, whilst Sara’s sleek vocals were crisply sweet and they left me entranced in the process. Faultlessly written with captivating lyrics, this gorgeous number depicted a guy who is abusing the girls feelings and treating her like a fool “I take your sweater/ So I can hold onto you/ When you don’t want me around/ Now or later/ Guess I’m gonna call up an Uber/ Cause you don’t want me around”. As this majestical number progressed the girl rises up and reclaims the power. Diamond’s dazzling EP reaches it’s conclusion with Foreward. If I was to sum this up in one word it would have to be enchanting. I adored this impeccable number, that marvelous melody was upbeat, those lyrics were hypnotic whilst Sara’s vocals were easy on the ear. Having been hooked on this compelling cut, personally I think this track should have been this EP’s opener. This was purely the fact Diamond referenced writing the foreword “Pages turned/ And papers worn/ And coffee spills on the/ Corner of my Chapters closed/ Synopsis born/ I’m writing the Foreword”. To cut this short this track was pure ear candy.

Foreward can be purchased from iTunes (UK/ US)

Official Site


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