STIIR: Luxury Butter Single Review


STIIR are back with a brand new single and it’s an addictive slice of perfection. Anyhow I came across this talented North London quartet a couple of months ago, debut single Free Yourself left me utterly captivated. Anyhow STIIR compromise of Ruben Watts, Benny Burcke, Prem Rupawala and Saul Peleg, they definitely have an exciting future ahead of them.

24th October 2018 saw STIIR independently release their sophomore single and this being Luxury Butter. I cannot help but heap plenty of praise on this sumptuous single. Now I loved the debut but they’ve gone a step further and written an utter gem. The gorgeous melody was so refreshing , those verses were laid back whilst the chorus put me in a trance. We then get to the vocals, these tasty tones radiated plenty of indie pop vibes and those harmonies were top notch.

Here is what STIIR had to say “The song plays on the realities of what relationships are actually like There’s a darker side to it sometimes. There’s a brooding element that carries throughout – tension and suspicion. I think you can hear that in the music”.

Luxury Butter is available from iTunes



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