Girl Pow-R: Fun All Day Single Review


Eight months ago I was introduced to Girl Pow-R, this impressive collective possess something incredibly special. Debut single Krisi was a sheer spectacle and the fact this pop rock band range between the ages of 11-16 left me completely astounded. Those vocals were sheer bliss and these girls share an extremely tight bond. Also the dazzling debut and the follow up Stronger Than Yesterday both shared an uplifting message. Anyhow this captivating group comprise of Ava Marie Scaccia, Bella Lecomte, Carina Bianchini, Kalista Wilson, Krisalyn Bellavance, Milana Mascia and Sofia Kay. Their ages actually range from 11-17. Also I have to give a mention to Azalyne Klukowski, Brynn Swenarchuk, Elizabeth Ellsworth, Jasmine Battistuzzi, Saara Chaudry and Sanskriti Akhoury whom played a part in Girl Pow-R’s journey.

Anyhow they were originally launched in conjunction with International Women’s Day in support of #BeBoldForChange to provide an opportunity for the voices of young women in the pre-teen to early teen years to speak to their peers in a fresh, new voice.

17th August 2018 saw Girl Pow-R unleash their brand new single Fun All Day via Canyon Entertainment Group. Then on 26th September they unveiled the official music video. My thoughts on this sumptuous song are positive, it’s clear to see that they are the voices for the younger generation. This succulent single was a wondrous piece of pristine pop along with a slight reggae twist. Everything about this exhilarating track was spot on, the shared vocals were super sweet and those luscious lyrics had me grinning from start to finish “Let’s go today/ Together we can chase tomorrow/ We’re going to have fun OK/ Just me and you”. Actually it took me on a nostalgic trip back to that first day at school when you form new friendships. These wondrous words focused on wanting to make plans and spend time with your best friend. Those moments are extremely special, to have a best friend who you spend all of your time with. Actually Girl Pow-R’s description of this track is incredibly inspirational “Fun All Day” reflects the magic between you and your best friend. You each don’t need to feel alone because you’re always there for each other. And, as you spend more time together and get to know each other even more, you realise that the bond between you makes life wonderful, allowing you to take a chance and chase your dreams. There is always so much you can do together, you can conquer the world, and you can have fun all day — wherever you go and whatever you do!”.

In summary Girl Pow-R have an extremely bright future ahead of them. Not only can they sing catchy pop tunes but they can also write their very own compositions, play various instruments and dance as well. Now the sensational Fun All Day was a well crafted gem aided by gorgeous vocals and luscious lyrics which uplifted my spirits.

The debut album is in the works and the 4th single Friends Click drops next week.

Fun All Day is available from iTunes


Official Website

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