Sara Diamond: Crash Single Review


October 2018 will see Montreal based singer/ songwriter Sara Diamond unveil her debut EP Foreward. Now Sara has had quite the journey in the music industry. Back when she was the age of 5 she joined children’s pop collective Kidzup whom went onto sell millions of records. Then in 2009 Sara was recruited by Interscope head Jimmy Iovine to join Canadian teen pop trio the Clique Girlz, this three piece would disband later that year. Diamond then became disenchanted with the whole industry, she then took a step back to work on her craft and re emerged in 2016 as a solo artist.

I was first introduced to Sara last August, she’d just dropped 3rd single Unsure which resulted in me browsing the back catalogue. Here I came across debut Just Give In and follow up Back To You. Since the release of Unsure, Diamond has released a further 4 singles via CYOR Sound (Stay A Little, Three Words, Fool, Latter). So 17th August 2018 has seen this talented 23 year old drop her latest number and this being the compelling Crash. I’ve had this wondrous track on constant repeat, everything about it is literally out of this world. Produced by Brodi the impeccable Crash was a sleek piece of RnB which was pleasant on my ear. Diamond’s sumptuously sweet soulful vocal tones were a breath of fresh air whilst that marvelous melody was chilled out. Then you had those beautiful well written lyrics which showcased Sara’s exquisite song writing abilities.

Here is what Diamond had to say “Crash is about curiosity. It’s about the universe. It’s about whomever and wherever your journey leads you to. Crash led me to love”.

This phenomenal single only heightens my desire for the forthcoming Foreward EP. Whatever the track listing is, I’m positive that this EP will serve as the perfect introduction.

Crash is available from iTunes (UK/ USA)

Official Site


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