OcnSide: Taking Me Over Single Review


Just listening to the joyous Taking Me Over puts a massive smile on my face. This succulent song is a mixture of soul meets gospel which is a wondrous combination. Now OcnSide reside in California and they are an exciting two piece with a lot to offer.

Now the voices behind this duo are David Dennis and Tony Aguiar and they are no strangers to the music scene. Back in 2006 4 childhood friends came together to form Los Angeles based indie rock group Voxhaul Broadcast, they released 4 EPs and a debut album in 2011. A year later this beloved band decided to call it quits. Both Tony and David took a step back and took time off to re evaluate what meant the most to them. 5 years later both David Dennis and Tony Aguiar joined forces and that is when the foundations for OcnSide were laid. They then locked themselves in a room in Van Nuys, California at the famed Sound City Studios and by the end of the Summer of 2017 they left the studio with around 25 songs underneath their belts.

Taking Me Over is one of the many fruits of their labour. David’s vibrant vocals left me in a dream like state and those hypnotising harmonies uplifted my spirits. That gorgeous melody was entrancing/ upbeat whilst the lyrics were pure bliss. Whenever I listen to a song I always focus on the instrumentation first followed by the lyrics. Both complement one another creating something which has me anticipating what the future will hold for OcnSide. My favourite portion of the track had to be the joyous chorus.

Finally OcnSide are onto something really good here. Taking Me Over was a confident debut which can brighten up any day.

You can stream/ purchase Taking Me Over HERE


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