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Quadruple threat Sheera Eskenazi is not only a sensational singer/ songwriter but she’s also an actor and model. Coming all the way from Los Angeles this exhilarating independent artist has a lot to offer. The outstanding original material she has underneath her belt excites me for whats to come in the nearby future. After being utterly compelled with the current single We’re Here, left me with the desire to look into her back catalogue. Now Sheera made her debut in 2014 and the 4 years which followed she’s gone on to release 8 exquisite singles.

We’re Here: 7th June 2018 saw Eskenazi drop her 4th original release of this year. At only 17 years old Sheera has written an uplifting anthem that’s been produced by Grammy nominated Alex Cantrall. Now We’re Here was a synth pop jam smothered in plenty of summer vibes. The song itself has gained over 44k worth of Spotify plays. Now the first time my ears were blessed with this track I was truly bowled over. Sheera’s vocal tones were sugary sweet whilst those addictive lyrics delivered a powerful message. We’re Here was a collaboration with the We’re Here Project and a response to all the recent shootings in the United States. It’s well known that America is rife with gun violence and there has been people wanting a ban to all firearms. From browsing the Gun Violence Archive there has been over 200 accounts of gun crime this year and the most deadliest being at 2 different high schools. Aside from that Sheera has summed up her feelings in this compelling track “We don’t want to be the hunted/ We’re so tired of being scared/ We don’t want to build an army to show we’re here we’re here/ We don’t want to be the hunted/ When there’s bullets in the air/ Cause it’s time to come together/ To show we’re here we’re here”.

Bad For Me: 8th May 2018 saw Sheera unveil Bad For Me, this enchanting tune was a mixture of R&B meets pop. The lyrics were clear cut, they painted a vivid picture of a toxic relationship with a guy who has a bad reputation. Despite the girl knowing that it’s going no where she can’t leave him because she’s addicted to the thrill. Everything about this compelling song was spot on, the vocals were super sassy and that refreshing melody put me in a trance.

Better Place/ A Day At A Time: 23rd February saw Sheera drop 4 sensational songs, 2 of which were original compositions whist the other 2 were covers of Camila Cabello and Dua Lipa. Now Better Place was a wondrous pop ballad aided by captivating lyrics and a melody which oozed plenty of slick synth vibes. Now this tantalising treat was produced by Damon Sharpe and Trevor Muzzy. Those sumptuous vocal tones were extremely sweet and those dreamy lyrics had me smiling from beginning to end “Shut your eyes and go/ To a Better Place you that you don’t know”.

A Day At A Time was a compelling number drenched in pop goodness. The vocal tones were a breath of fresh air and those luscious lyrics left me thoroughly enthralled. This captivating cut emitted plenty of EDM vibes resulting in something which was easy on the ear. Now I’m literally addicted to this song, A Day At A Time was a chilled out piece of perfection and at the same time the crystal clear lyrics had me picturing the scenario within my minds eye “Let go of the past and remember/ Take it A Day At A Time”.

Bring It (Club Remix)/ In My Heart: Going back a further two years, the superb Sheera unleashed a double dosage of banging tunes. First up was Bring It, produced by Mike Mani and Jordan Omley then remixed by DJ Rob Stephens this impeccable song is perfect for any club. You had twinkling synths and thumping EDM beats which can quite easily have you moving your feet. Eskenazi’s vocals were refreshingly vibrant, the addictive lyrics sunk there claws into me whilst the melody put me in a trance.

In My Heart was a sweet sounding song which I fell in love with at first listen. Delivered at a fast pace, this was a charming tune aided by Sheera’s candy coated vocal tones and luscious lyrics which put a smile on my face “Even if we fall apart/ Just know you’re always In My Heart/ Even if you are far far away”.

Angels: Sophomore single Angels dropped on 19th August 2014 and this was an addictive fresh and funky anthem which uplifted my spirits. This tasty tune was packed with compelling beats and sweet sounding lyrics “Welcome to the City Of Angels/ Where everything shines like gold/ Everything’s new, dreams come true/ Stay here and you’ll never get old”. Just listing to this magical number left me grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Slide: 8th July 2014 was where it all started, a gifted young musician named Sheera took a step into the limelight with debut single Slide. When compared to the material in 2018 you do notice a dramatic difference. For starters Slide was a dazzling hip hop jam with hypnotic lyrics and Sheera’s vocals which oozed plenty of attitude. This was a summer anthem with thumping beats which hit me like a formidable force. Those fun fueled lyrics point to having a crush on someone and wanting to get to know them better “Slide right next to you/ Slide you know what to do/ Slide it’s just me and you/ Can I Slide next to you”. Anyhow an official music video was released for this debut which also showcased Sheera’s dancing skills.

You can purchase these 8 extraordinary compositions from iTunes

Sheera is a true talent to behold, not only are her songwriting skills top notch but her sweet vocals quite easily put me in a trance. The 8 singles she’s put out during the past 4 years have been phenomenal and you do notice the evolution that’s been made.

Just looking back on Sheera’s career has been a complete joy to write about. Picking a favourite is an extremely tough task as they are all majestic pieces of perfection. The two which have a slight edge have to be Angels (this number left me with a beaming smile on my face) and the lyrically powerful/ uplifting We’re Here.

Things don’t end there though, there are actually a couple more originals on Sheera’s Soundcloud page. After hearing all these tunes only excites me for the prospect of a full length LP.

Official Website

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