CZARINA: Silence & Surrender Video Review


3rd August 2018 saw Veronica Faye (aka CZARINA) unveil the official music video for the sublime Silence & Surrender. Now I reviewed this track back in June and I was well and truly captivated with what my ears were hearing. Now Veronica is a startling singer/ songwriter who took a break from design (she was a full time creative director and the founder of the famed footwear and accessory brand, IVY KIRZHNER NEW YORK) to re ignite the burning passion for music.

Well Silence & Surrender is taken from the upcoming LP Painted Holograms, from having been dazzled by this debut this is one full length I cannot wait to get hold of. My thoughts on Silence & Surrender are positive, it’s a synth pop delight which left me in a dream like state. Czarina’s refreshing vocals were smokey whilst those luscious lyrics/ melody took me back to the 1980s.

Well this Blade Runner inspired music video was shot in the style of John Carpenter/ Ridley and it told a tale of sensuality, release and opulence. On first viewing, this gorgeous short film left me completely compelled and those hypnotic synth beats put me in a trance. Taking place at what I assume is a private members club, these sultry visuals showed the darker shades behind the luminous glamour we see today. Basically Silence & Surrender touched on the fact that talented women could go down the wrong path/ get intertwined with the wrong people just to get a breakthrough.

Veronica Faye directed this masterpiece by herself and it leaves me relishing more musical projects in the future.

Silence & Surrender is available from iTunes

Official Site

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