Jules Rendell: Imagine Album Review


20th April 2018 saw sublime singer/ songwriter Jules Rendell make her debut with the independently released Imagine LP. Now this wondrous collection compromised of 10 tantalising tracks all of which showcased her epic soulful vocal tones. Born in Birmingham, Jules Rendell moved to London a decade ago. During those years she worked on her craft as a singer, songwriter, vocal arranger and backing vocalist (JP Cooper, Beverly Knight, X Factor, Gorillaz to name a few).

She made her presence known in 2014 with the PledgeMusic funded The Lotusbloom EP. This startling mini album compromised of 5 tasty tunes all of which were completely captivating. Rendell’s fans played an all important part in getting this labour of love out into the world. This campaign surpassed expectation and garnered 132% of its target which meant the dream became reality.

Prior to this album being released, Jules offered two tasters of what to expect and these being the outstanding Old Friend which came out late October 2017 and then you had the impeccable Let Go which featured Riccy Mitchell. It just so happens these singles were the first two songs featured on this record. Old Friend was a delicious blend of soul meets pop and this was a combination which worked wonders. I adored everything about this number Jules’s vocals were sweetly crisp whist those luscious lyrics explored the impact of friendship on mental well-being. My favourite part had to be the refreshing chorus. Let Go was an anthem tinged piece of perfection. Rendell’s sumptuous tones had me picturing Paloma Faith/ Jess Glynne and those sparkling lyrics packed a fierce punch. Then you had Riccy’s smooth vocals added into the mix. Anyhow this track was literally a full on explosion which completely uplifted my spirits. Fixed was a fresh and funky number which sent chills up my spine. Jules’s vibrant vocals radiated plenty of soulful goodness and you also had dashes of gospel added in for good measure. This tempting treat had been written to perfection, the lyrics basically say there is light at the end of the tunnel. With a little bit of joy that will keep you strong. Epiphany was a sleek love ballad which was drenched in plenty of soul. Jules Rendell’s startling smooth vocal tones hypnotised me whilst that steady paced melody was extremely mellow. Troubles was ever so soothing, this terrific track was pleasing on the ear resulting in the hairs on the back of my neck standing on edge. The Imagine interlude was an enchanting piano composition aided some gospel chants. Then on top of that you had some mesmerising spoken word. After the short 104 seconds it was time for a bit of The Return. Everything about this classy cut was spot on, that melody was incredibly refreshing whilst Jules Rendell’s candy coated vocal tones soared till the very end. Imagine then came to an end with Remember. I adored the whole LP but this has the slight edge when it comes to picking a favourite. Jules’s whimsical vocal tones were tender/ gentle and that majestical piano melody created something extremely raw. I would be a liar if I said those lyrics didn’t tug on my heartstrings. This tasty track was co written with Bianca Rose and it was inspired by poet Maya Angelou.

Then you had an upbeat Mr Clottey Remix of Old Friend. This fast paced re interpretation was packed with plenty of fierce beats and Rendell’s succulent vocal tones. Both beats and vocals were the perfect pairing as I was well and truly enthralled. The final track came in the shape of The Return. Jules’s vocals were smooth like butter and those lyrics were charmingly inspirational.

Here is what Rendell had to say about this delicious debut “Through my own mental health struggles, I’ve learned a lot about using my own imagination as a positive force for my life. Faith is visionary; it helps us to imagine good things happening for us to see them happening. I’ve had to change the way I think to push through the barriers of low self worth to even make this album. Each song is a reminder to myself for how to keep healthy in my mind; whether it be my selftalk, rest, letting go of fear or staying connected to friends. They are God’s words to me”.

Now Imagine was produced by Feranmi Oguns (Jake Isaac, Josh Record) and Bastian Testori from OL Music. The end product being something incredibly catchy showcasing Jules Rendell’s sublime songwriting skills and superb vocal tones.

Imagine is available to purchase from iTunes or Bandcamp

Official Site


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