Drea & The Marilyns: Calgary Single Review

2nd March 2018 saw the exquisite Drea & The Marilyns release their brand new single via Unveiled Records. The song in question being Calgary and providing guest vocals you had Jonathan Lacayo.

Anyways Drea & The Marilyns are an impeccable trio compromising of Drea Marilyn, Molly Newkirk and Giuliana Barraza. They are no newbies to the music scene as Drea & The Marilyns made their debut in 2014 with the En Route EP. Now that delectable release consisted of 6 delightful tunes. Tracks such as Moons, Burnt Bridges and Waiting Game were pure perfection. Basically En Route oozed plenty of blissful indie vibes and then you had tinges of country added into the mix.

Aside from that Drea is uber talented singer/ songwriter/ multi instrumentalist who lives in Seattle, Washington. She’s toured the Pacific, South Korea (with Drea & The Marilyns), Northwest, Southern California, which also included performing with her band at the 2018 NAMM Show. Marilyn has recently completed her latest EP Sun & Moon and it will no doubt feature prior singles Sun & Moon and Calgary.

I’m full of praise when it comes to Calgary, this was a whimsical cut along with a smooth hypnotic melody and Marilyn’s sugary sweet vocal tones were top notch. Both Drea and Jonathan bounce off one another and and I found his tones to be richly sleek. This tantalising tune was extremely pleasing on my ear.

We then get to the lyrics, what I especially liked was they were clear cut and I could easily picture the scenario within my minds eye. Basically it’s an emotional tale which focused on a relationship which has reached its journeys end. Whilst the guy has come to terms that they aren’t meant to be “We can/ Take the wrong turns/ All over again/ But no matter the path/ It leads to dead ends/ We both know/ It’s going nowhere” the girl however doesn’t want to close the book and thinks moving away and starting a fresh is the answer “Won’t you wait & see?/ If we’re meant to be?/ Run away with me?/ To Calgary?”.

Calgary was produced at Unveiled Records by John True and Stephen Johnson and composed and written by Drea Marilyn. I actually found this sumptuous single be an addictive piece of indie rock, the lyrics had been superbly written and at the same time I was left in an utter trance.

Finally Drea & The Marilyns have something extremely special. The material they have underneath their belt is literally outstanding. Plus Drea has a gift for writing sensational songs. The anticipation for the Sun & Moon EP begins now.

Calgary is available from iTunes (US/ UK)


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