The Retrospective: Kaitlyn Mann: Make Me Crave Album Review

Kaitlyn Mann is an exquisite talent all the way from New York City and she has an exciting future ahead of her. Other than being a singer/ songwriter, Kaitlyn Mann is also a passionate pianist and a superb programmer. She actually learnt how to play the piano at the age of 6. Kaitlyn’s love for this instrument saw her winning international piano competitions with performances at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Then at the age of 13 Mann started writing her own compositions.

She was discovered and mentored by B-52’s drummer, Sterling Campbell and Grammy Award winning producer/mixers Kevin Killen and Mario J. McNulty.

Anyways 9th September 2017 saw Kaitlyn Mann make her debut onto the music scene with the Make Me Crave LP. This tempting treat compromised of 9 shiny pop gems that had been written to perfection. When I first heard the recent single Get Down, I was astounded to find out she’s only 17 years old! Currently unsigned, Kaitlyn oozes bundles of potential and her long Rapunzel locks are incredibly stunning.


Things open up with the final single to be taken from the Make Me Crave album and this coming in the shape of Tonight. This impeccable tune was unveiled on 12th August 2017. Each of the 9 featured originals were swimming in plenty of pop goodness. Anyhow this succulent song was an upbeat pop jam aided by infectious lyrics and Kaitlyn’s vibrant vocal tones. “Gonna be a party Tonight/ Gonna rock this town all right/ I’m putting on my high heel shoes/ Gonna make you sing those blues/ Gonna rock this town all right/ I’m fixing up my hair just right/ Your momma well she won’t approve/ Gonna make you sing those blues/ We’re young, we’re young, we’re young right now/ No one, no one’s going to stop us now”. Those tantalising tones actually had me envisioning Kesha.  Still everything about this feel good cut was spot on and at the same time it was extremely refreshing.


Love Me Like I’m Her was the 3rd single from Make Me Crave and it’s an entrancing piece of sheer bliss. Now this was an epic ballad aided by luscious lyrics which were drenched in plenty of emotion. You had the enchanting piano driven melody and then you had those synth beats which gave this song that extra something. Kaitlyn’s vocal tones packed a fierce punch as she sang how she fell for someone who is off the market “I hate the way that you love her/ I hate the way that I love you/ Every time I look in the mirror/ I hate myself/ I can’t say no to you”. It is obvious that the boy has been playing with fire and he’s been taking advantage of her feelings. If you have had one bite of the forbidden fruit I guess it will be hard to let go (hence the line I can’t say no to you). Anyways this sumptuous sassy song was a fresh and funky jam aided by perfect storytelling lyrics. Despite the pain, I fell for the catchy Love Me Like I’m Her hook, line and sinker.


Sophomore single Highwas unleashed 21st July 2017. Kaitlyn’s sugary sweet vocals at the start of this tune sent shivers up my spine “All my friends are High/ The world is made of butterflies/ We’re lightning in the sky/ Let’s go out like fireflies”. Then High then transformed into something which radiated plenty of synth goodness. The lyrics were sheer genius as I could easily get the jist. Basically this track is about growing up and growing apart “My friends aren’t around/ They’ve gone to town/ Textin’ selfies on the phone/ But we don’t mind/ It’s all right/ Don’t know how we got so stoned”. Kaitlyn has gone on to say that she wrote this when she realised that alot of her teen friends (whom she grew up with) had started to drink and get high.


Blood And The Butterflywas an outstanding cut and it’s one that left me utterly enthralled. Now this was a wondrous dark piano ballad about love, loss, beauty and pain. The lyrics hit me like a full on force whilst Mann’s sumptuous vocals were incredibly powerful. It’s plain to see that she delivered this captivating cut with plenty of gusto. The whole piano melody gave Blood And The Butterfly that feeling of epicness whist those catchy lyrics had been written to perfection “Hold me in your arms now/ And take me one more time/ The night is so cold and grey/ Couldn’t have loved you more/ The beauty and the pain/ All that’s left is the Blood And The Butterfly”.

Following on you had three sparkling originals which did not receive the single treatment. First up you had Tongue Tied and wow this was too incredible for words. This spectacular song was a funky pop belter which possessed anthem like qualities. Those lyrics were uber contagious whilst Mann’s vocals were super sassy. All in all I was hanging onto every lyric Kaitlyn sang.

If there was another single to be taken from Make Me Crave it would have to be Satisfaction’s Guaranteed. Everything about this number was on point, the vocals were candy coated and the whimsical lyrics left me in an utter daze. This tune would serve as the perfect introduction to Kaitlyn Mann “I was born an entertainer/ I always aim to please/ Give me you’re attention/ Satisfaction’s Guaranteed/ Tell me what you want/ I’ll give you what you need/ I was born an entertainer/ Satisfaction’s Guaranteed”. Now if I was witnessing Mann perform live, the performance would leave me completely spellbound. Thinking about it she could be referring to a female stand up comedian who has multiple characters that she could be.

Tin Manwas a beautiful piano driven ballad and this was flawlessly delivered. I found this succulent song to be incredibly sleek, Kaitlyn’s vocals were ever so beautiful whilst the lyrics left me in a trance.

On 16th July 2017 a brand new singer/ songwriter entered the fold and this being the exceptional Kaitlyn Mann. She then went on to release Make Me Crave, this was a infectious pop ditty which leaves me smiling from start to finish. When the debut album dropped, Mann unveiled the official fun fueled music video. Just watching these glorious visuals has me craving sweet treats.

Video aside Make Me Crave was a catchy piece of perfection, Kaitlyn’s tasty tones were candy coated, the verses were upbeat whist the chorus hit me like a ton of bricks “I got an appetite/ I got a hunger/ Oh, what you do to me/ You Make Me Crave/ It’s gotta be tonight/ Don’t let me suffer/ Oh, what you do to me/ You Make Me Crave”. There were actually tinges of sultriness as Mann sings about a guy who makes her heart skip a beat and she’s left craving more “Love me, oh, the way you love me/ Oh, you make my heart beat/ Uh-oh, baby you got me/ Candy, oh you’re sweet like candy/ Gonna drive me crazy/ Uh-oh, baby you got me”.

Things then conclude with Not Tonight and this being a majestical piano driven number aided by mesmerising lyrics. Now this brilliant track dealt with affairs of the heart, basically it’s an empowering anthem and the girl has discovered her self worth “For all the nights I have tried/ For all the tears I have cried/ But baby Not Tonight/ Oh no/ For all the times that you lied/ For all you took from my pride/ But it won’t be tonight/ Oh no no/ And I won’t be waiting alone/ And I won’t be picking up your call/ For all the nights I have tried/ For all the tears I have cried/ But baby Not Tonight/ Oh no, no. I adored this sensational song, Kaitlyn truly has a gift for writing impeccable tunes as the upbeat Not Tonight left me with the desire to hear more.

Putting everything into perspective, Kaitlyn Mann seriously has something good going on here. Having reviewed Get Down a couple of weeks ago I was left thoroughly impressed, this then left me with the desire to listen to/ write up my thoughts on the Make Me Crave LP.

If you love your pop music then you’ve come to the right place, each featured original literally reels you in and leaves you with the desire to hear more. I’ve had this outstanding LP on a constant loop and I’m thoroughly impressed with the material featured.

I adored each featured tune but if I had to pick a favourite single it would have to be Love Me Like I’m Her. My favourite non single would have to be Satisfaction’s Guaranteed.

Make Me Crave is available to purchase from iTunes (UK/ US)

Official Website

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