Girl Pow-R: Krisi Single Review


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Girl Pow-R are 13 piece girl collective who come all the way from Toronto, Canada. Now the voices behind this pop rock band are Ava Marie Scaccia, Azalyne Klukowski, Bella Lecomte, Brynn Swenarchuk, Carina Bianchini, Elizabeth Ellsworth, Jasmine Battistuzzi, Kalista Wilson, Krisalyn Bellavance, Milana Mascia, Saara Chaudry, Sanskriti Akhoury and Sofia Kay.

Girl Pow-R was originally launched in conjunction with International Women’s Day in support of #BeBoldForChange to provide an opportunity for the voices of young women in the pre-teen to early teen years to speak to their peers in a fresh, new voice.

These young girls range from 11 years old to 16 years old and not only can they sing, but they can also write original material, play various instruments and dance. Since May 2017 they’ve performed over 55 times plus they achieved a Toronto Independent Music Award Nomination for debut single KRISI, and they won First Place at a Family Channel competition this summer.

24th November 2017 saw Girl Pow-R make their debut with Krisi and they can quite easily be an inspiration to many. I’ve been listening to this tantalising tune constantly for the past week, Krisi is an addictive piece of perfection and it delivers an empowering message at the same time. It’s basically saying be true to who you are, don’t try to be someone you’re not because you wont make true friends “There’s no denying/ Fake looks, white lies/ She thinks that/ They’re on her side/ But behind her back the truth can never hide/ Coz everybody knows that it’s all a disguise”. My favourite part had to be the addictive anthem esque chorus “Krisi felt empowered/ When they all said/ She was beautiful on the outside/ Blinded the voices she heard in her head/ Made it hard for her to see/ She was empty”.

9th February 2018 saw Girl Pow-R unveil the official music video for Krisi and these gorgeous visuals were shot in Toronto. Alongside the addictive lyrics, wondrous visuals you also had captivating choreography. The video oozed plenty of fun fueled vibes whist the succulent song was drenched in plenty of pop rock goodness.

Each girl brings something different to the table and from watching this vibrant video it’s plain to see they have an extremely tight bond. After hearing this sumptuous single I cannot to wait to hear more outstanding originals later this year.

Krisi is available from iTunes (US/ UK)

Official Website

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