Sydney Jaffe: Reckless Single Review

Sydney Jaffe is a superb independent singer/ songwriter who was born and raised in New York City. As a child Jaffe was constantly surrounded by Broadway, she even started to sing at the age of 6. This Broadway influence then resulted in Sydney going down the Musical Theatre route but years down the line she realised her passion was strictly singing.

At the age of 13 Sydney Jaffe then started to record covers and worked on her very own compositions as she entered High School. Some of these covers can be viewed on Sydney’s very own YouTube, whilst the 7 showcased are sensational my favourites had to be her interpretations of Hailee Steinfield’s – Starving and Katie Perry’s – This Is How We Do.

Now 18 years old (and in her final year at high school) the wondrous Sydney Jaffe made her debut last month (19/01) with the superb Reckless. I have nothing but praise for this succulent single, the addictive Reckless cranks up my desire to hear more outstanding originals in the future. To cut the story short, Jaffe is an exciting individual who (based on this one track) has a promising career ahead of her. Yes Sydney may be an independent artist, but with that burning passion and that desire to succeed, anything is possible.

Aside from that the upbeat Reckless is a pop jam with anthem esque qualities. Jaffe’s sassy/ vivacious vocals left me in a complete daze and those compelling lyrics oozed plenty of sexiness “Wanna make out on a car/ Wanna sneak into a bar, but can’t get in/ I’ve been waiting way too long/ Way too long/ Wanna slow dance in the street/ Wanna feel your guilty hands all over me/ I’ve been waiting way too long/ Way too long”. This tempting track is all about having fun in a relationship, living for the moment “Wanna skinny dip in someone elses yard” and getting Reckless “Can we get a little Reckless, Reckless/ Get a little careless, careless/ Doing the things I never thought I’d do/ With you/ Reckless, Reckless/ In my little red dress, red dress/ Doing the things I never thought I’d do/ With you”.

All in all Reckless was a blissful effort aided by luscious lyrics which packed a weighty punch. Sydney Jaffe co wrote this fun fueled number and it has me relishing the upcoming debut 5 track EP later this year.

You can purchase Reckless from iTunes (USA/ UK)



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