FONX: Don’t Feel Like Lovin’ Single Review

Don’t Feel Like Lovin’ is the latest single from pop-RnB singer-songwriter & producer FØNX.  He produced this delectable track alongside Grammy award winner Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Damon Albarn) showcasing his distinctive blend of electronic beats with R&B, soul and jazz influences.

The voice behind this moniker is Corey Fox-Fardell and he first came to my attention last year with the independently released Can’t Get Enough. This year he’s teamed up with Honey Motive Records via Absolute and InTune Addicts.

Last September I witnessed FØNX headline The Bedford and this succulent song featured on the set list. From that very moment I knew this amazing musician had something special/ unique. Don’t Feel Like Lovin’ is a refreshing slice of R&B perfection and Corey’s smooth soulful vocal tones had me picturing Justin Timberlake.

The impeccable upbeat melody had me tapping my toe and then you had those luscious lyrics which left me in a complete trance. FØNX definitely has something good going on and you can expect to hear plenty more this year.

If you’re in London this Monday 15/01/2018 FØNX will be playing ILUVLIVE at Zigfrid Von Underbelly. You can purchase tickets HERE.

UPDATE: 25th January saw FØNX unveil the official music video for Don’t Feel Lovin and it’s a fun fueled retro flavoured masterpiece. DFLL sees FØNX dancing through his own arcade game representing a journey of loosing love and rediscovering yourself as an individual. The arcade game actually had a Flappy Bird vibe to it.

On the whole both song and video are literally works of art. Corey’s smooth soulful tinged vocals sent shivers up my spine and this fresh/ funky music video had me smiling from the beginning to the very end.

Here is what FØNX had to say “I’ve always had this battle with balancing my love for music and relationships and finding time for both. This inspired the visual concept for the arcade machine game that I animated…as Amy Winehouse once said ‘Love Is A Losing Game’”.

Don’t Feel Like Lovin’ can be purchased from iTunes

Official Website


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