Sabella @ The Lexington 8th January 2018



Performing at The Lexington you had the sumptuous Sabella. The voice behind this moniker is 22 year old Poppy Haddigan and she’s an outstanding singer/ songwriter. Poppy’s responsible for the likes of Loving Like This, Falling Without Feeling, Fortress and the 2015 Home Truths EP. This was Sabella gig number 4 for me (the first time came at The Great Escape in 2015) and I knew I was to be dazzled yet again

The set consisted of 5 tantalising songs, 4 of which were original compositions and the other being an intriguing mash up. What kick started this evening was Loving Like This. This blissful track started off smooth and as it progressed this song then morphed into a slick soulful jam. Now I’ve got nothing but praise for this captivating number, the lyrics were so addictive and Haddigan’s vibrant vocals oozed plenty of soulful goodness. I won’t lie but a lump came to my throat whilst Poppy was singing about a relationship which deteriorated “Hurts even more in November time/ ‘Cause the nights feel long in this state of mind/ And still, I’m talking without meaning/ Dreaming without feeling/ Ever since you left, and put me second best”. Lyrics aside, if I was to sum this tune up in one word it would have to be enchanting.


“Hi, thank you first of all to Line Of Best Fit for having me again. It’s so nice to be back. This next one is Falling Without Feeling and it’s quite self explanatory” Haddigan mentioned the refreshing Falling Without Feeling. I found this tempting treat to be an epic soulful ballad. Those luscious lyrics detailed a girl who experienced being in love for the very first time. Obviously she’s been in relationships before but this is the real deal and it’s all new to her “With you every chance I get/ ‘Cause you make me feel the best/ On top of this world/ Knowing I’m your girl/ With you every chance I get/ ‘Cause you make me feel the best/ Ahead of the rest/ Your all time favourite”. This dreamy number was pure perfection and Sabella’s hypnotising vocal tones had me picturing Alpines’s Catherine Pockson.


“This one’s basically about just like feeling yourself and just forgetting everything else that goes on around you. I hope you enjoy it” Poppy Haddigan mentioned before getting stuck into the latest single and this being Fortress. Now this was a belting synth pop jam with added elements of dance. Everything about this tune was spot on, Sabella’s wondrous vocals were candy coated and then you had those mesmering lyrics which packed a fierce punch. Also you had that feel good melody which had me smiling from start to finish “You say you wanted me (you say you wanted me)/ You say you needed me (since when was love the enemy)/ You say you wanted me (you say you wanted me)/ You say you needed me (since when was love the enemy)/ So I’ll build a Fortress around me/ So I’ll build a Fortress around me (I’ll be crowned Queen)/ Yeah, I’ll build a Fortress around me/ Yeah, I’ll build a Fortress around me (I’ll be crowned Queen)”. The fortress in question is actually the fortress of your mind. On the whole this club friendly song has to feature on the debut album.


“We’re going to take it back like it’s 2000 and we’re going to do a mash up” Poppy said before her majestic mash up. First up it was time for a bit of Selena Gomez’s Hands To Myself and she delivered this sleek number to perfection. The melody was incredibly chilled out whist Haddigan’s crisp soulful vocals were smooth like butter. Then you had sprinklings of Whitney Houston’s classic I Wanna Dance With Somebody. The portion that Sabella performed was merely the chorus and her interpretation was extremely interesting. “The next song is going to be my next single” Sabella mentioned before wrapping things up with the captivating Losing You. All I can say about this impeccable track is WOW, just like Fortress this banging track is club friendly. This uptempo synth delight left me completely enthralled and I cannot wait to hear more from Sabella in 2018.


Loving Like This
Falling Without Feeling
Hands To Myself/ I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Losing You

OVERALL: Poppy Haddigan is a tremendous talent who not only has a heavenly vocal range but she can easily write belting tunes which have you hooked. The mash up of Selena meets Whitney was extraordinary and then you had those sparkling originals which tell me Sabella’s future is extremely bright. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Sabella grow over the past 4 years and I’ve heard some exquisite material which has me anticipating the debut album.


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