No No Yeah Okay: Make Believe Single Review


No No Yeah Okay are a sensational quartet all the way from Milwaukee and last month saw them unveil a brand new single. Make Believe is the latest original to be taken from the forthcoming Cabal EP and it’s an utter spectacle. No No Yeah Okay consist of Mark Gage, Christopher Quasius, Colin Plant and Josh Paynter. They made their debut way back in 2015 with the independently released 7 track Dual EP.

Two years later they find themselves signed to Los Angeles based label Little Assembly. At this moment in time the band have released 3 singles and these being What Can I Say, This Ain’t You and the most recent Make Believe. I reviewed Cabal’s sophomore single This Ain’t You back in November and I was immediately captivated.

5th January saw them unveil the official music video for the Mark Gage directed Make Believe. This colourful masterpiece follows a masked girl going about her daily life. As the video progressed the girl is seen wearing a bird like beak mask whilst in a smoking car. These masks along with an overcoat were worn by plague doctors back in the 17th century. The purpose of this mask was to keep away bad smells. Towards the end the girl removes the mask on her her face. Aside from that this video was a vibrant vision of beauty which left me utterly enthralled.

The song itself is yet another slice of electronic synth bliss and those luscious lyrics captivated me. They’re actually are telling you to chase your dreams and bin off any negativity in your live. Colin’s vocal tones were so sweet/ raspy and the chilled out hypnotising melody made this delectable cut club friendly.

Judging from the material I’ve heard so far, No No Yeah Okay have got something extremely good going on and I for one cannot wait to hear the Cabal EP next month.

You can preorder Cabal from iTunes

Official Website


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