I, Us & We: Ceremonies EP Review


Brothers Jordan, Evan, and Aaron Doverspike are better known as I, Us & We. Coming all the way from Los Angeles this teriffic trio ooze plenty of promise. 14th November 2017 saw the release of debut EP Ceremonies which came out via Little Assembly. This wondrous piece of dreamtronica compromised of 5 glitzy tunes.

This exquisite EP opened up with the lead single and this being Tryst. Now this tune was a synth lovers dream, the melody was so chilled out whilst those luscious lyrics had me hooked from the get go. Also the gorgeous vocals were literally a breath of fresh air and at the same time I was reminded of 1980s synth pop duo Pet Shop Boys (I was born in the 80s and I was and still am a HUGE fan of the Pet Shop Boys). Next up you had title track Ceremonies and this being a slick upbeat jam. This delectable track was smothered in plenty of R&B goodness which resulted in something incredibly captivating. 22 was a slice of sheer synth bliss. Those sublime vocals perfectly infused to the funky melody and at the same time I envisioned UK band Everything Everything. This number has massive single potential as the whole production left me in a daydream. Fences was spectacularly delivered at a steady pace and left me in an utter trance at the same time. Ceremonies then reached its conclusion with Trigger. This epic sounding cut had been perfectly crafted leaving me utterly compelled.


OVERALL: I’ve got nothing but praise for this exquisite effort. Ceremonies was one confident debut which left me in an utter daze. You had pristine/ hypnotising vocal tones and Ceromonies also showcased their stellar songwriting skills.

I’ll always have a huge fondness for the dreamy Tryst but when it comes to picking a favourite I would have to choose 22. Whilst the steady paced tunes Trigger, Ceremonies and Fences enthralled, it was 22 which knocked me for six. That succulent song was drenched with plenty of synthy goodness an mesmerised me in the process.

I, Us & We have something extremely special and I look forward to hearing more original material tin the future.

Ceremonies is available to purchase from iTunes

Official Site


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