Liz Lokre: Believe Single Review


All the way from Toronto, Canada you have the sensational singer/ songwriter Liz Lokre. Believe is the third single and yet again it’s an utter piece of art. Now music is something Lokre is extremely passionate about, she even started writing and performing her compositions at the age of 12!!!!

Liz came to my attention last September with the delightful debut single Rise Up, now this tasty treat was a mixture of soul meets pop and you also had reggae vibes added in for good measure. Those lyrics delivered a powerful message and Lokre’s vocal tones literally drew me in.

Having heard that song and other originals I could tell this girl had something extremely special. Then you had the addictive sophomore Buh Bye which I found to be a sleek R&B anthem.

24th November saw Liz unveil a brand spanking new single and this came in the form of Believe. All proceeds from this festive track went to The Red Door Family Shelter. Honestly it is the best $3 you’ll ever spend.

Produced by Adrian X this magical track was a piece of pure perfection. Liz’s crisp vocal tones were smooth like butter and those wonderful lyrics radiated plenty of warmth. Now that I’m older I’ve realised that this special day is more than just presents, it’s all about spending time with family and the ones we love.

Back to the song in question, this sumptuous song was so refeshing and Lokre’s sugar coated vocals sent shivers up my spine. Basically they were a breath of fresh air and those entrancing lyrics had me smiling from beginning to end “Let the love we feel on Christmas/ Fill the souls of all I pray/ Let the peace that is within us/ Guide each other every single day/ Hear the children’s laughter/ See the joy the give so free/ And let love stay alive in the hearts/ Of those who Believe”. If I was to sum up this compelling cut it would have to be ENCHANTING.

You can purchase this glorious tune from Liz’s Bandcamp

Official Website


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