Kris Angelis: Please Come Back Home Single Review


1st December 2017 saw the sublime singer/ songwriter Kris Angelis unveil seasonal treat Please Come Back Home independently. Coming all the way from Los Angeles, the wonderful Kris came to my attention earlier this year as I was hooked on the 2016 single Heartbreak Is Contagious. From that moment I looked into her back catalogue and saw that Angelis had some impeccable tracks up her sleeve.

Fast forward to December 2017, Kris originally offered this tasty number to her wonderful loyal fans whom were signed up to the official mailing list a few days prior. I’ve listened to this sumptuous song a number of times and I’m utterly captivated. Now Please Come Back Home was a swooning slow paced ballad aided by mellowing lyrics and a compelling vocal delivery. This folk tinged Christmas cut was written by Kris Angelis and the music/ melody was provided by both Bill Lefler and Kris Angelis.

Now Kris’s crisp breathtaking vocals were sugary sweet and at the same time I was picturing Elisabeth “Lissie” Maurus to a degree. Then we get to the lyrics, I found these tender words to be mesmerising and I won’t lie but a lump came to my throat. Please Come Back Home is referring to missing that special certain someone over the festive period and wishing they were back home with you “It was you, my darling/ I’m wondering if I’d only known/ Without you, my darling/ It all would get lost in the snow/ Please Come Back Home/ Please Come Back Home”.

Please Come Home can be purchased from iTunes



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