Daily Dig: Sonali


Floridian Sonali Argade is an impeccable songstress whom has a burning passion for music. She knew she wanted to be a singer at the age of 3 and three years later she started to take classical voice lessons. That was the moment the passion was burning bright, Argade learnt how to play instruments such as guitar, drums and piano plus she even had a go at songwriting.

As 2012 approached the wheels were in motion, Sonali left her hometown in Florida and moved to New York City. The reason behind this was down to the fact she was invited to attend the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Just attending this University meant Sonali worked with some of the best in the industry, studying under numerous Grammy award-winning professors and music industry veterans such as Questlove, Bob Power (D’Angelo, A Tribe Called Quest), Nick Sansano (Sonic Youth, Public Enemy), and Amund Björklund (Train). Also there were even guest lecturers such as Pharrell, Benny Blanco, Rob Thomas, and Stargate.

13th August 2013 saw Sonali make her debut and the tune which she had to offer was the delightful September. This was a collaboration with Justin Tracey and the end results were extraordinary. Now this impeccable tune was a concoction of folk meets pop and Argade’s candy coated vocal tones had me smiling all throughout. Regarding the lyrics, I found these to be an infectious ear worm and those vibrant vocals were a breath of fresh air “September came/ Brought the fall/ But i’m not falling for you/ I’m not falling for you no/ Say you’re not like you were before/ But i’m not falling for you/ I’m not falling for you anymore”. However this tempting treat details a relationship that’s broken down but instead of feeling down Argade is cheerful as she’s finally free.

A year later Sonali released her debut EP independently. Wake Up basically served as an introduction and showcased 5 exquisite originals. Anyhow this impeccable mini album opened up with the sensational Wake Up. Now this cut was pure bliss, the lyrics were slightly autobiographical “18, it’s time to pull my socks up” and Argade’s breathtaking vocals had me picturing an early Taylor Swift. She truly has a gift for songwriting as this tasty tune had me hooked from the word go. I adored the captivating chorus.

The second song came in the shape of Who We Are and this being incredibly enchanting. Whenever I listen to a song I listen to the melody first and then the lyrics. On my first listen I was left in an utter trance. That gorgeous melody was pleasant on the ear, those lyrics were contagious whilst Sonali’s vocal tones were so beautiful “Underneath the stars/ All that really matters/ Is that we are/ Who We Are/ But we’ll never get that far/ Until we show each other/ Who We Are”. I won’t lie but the music video had me shedding some tears.

Find Your Way was a mesmerising piece of perfection. The melody was pleasant and Sonali’s fluffy vocals were both bright and breezy. Those wonderful lyrics were so tender which resulted in something extremely spellbinding.

Holding Pattern was the penultimate track on the Wake Up EP. This glorious track oozed plenty of folk goodness and Argade’s sugary sweet vocals were a incredibly hypnotising. Those luscious lyrics left me compelled and the dazzling upbeat melody packed a punch “I’m in a Holding Pattern/ Waiting for the feeling/ In a Holding Pattern/ Waiting to love someone/ “I’m in a Holding Pattern/ Waiting for the feeling/ To come along”. All in all this light hearted/ cheery tune had me grinning all throughout. Things were then wrapped up with 2013’s single September.

Just as Sonali Argade’s career was flourishing (she was about to embark on her first tour) she was dealt with a cruel blow. Sonali was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease and this resulted in everything being put on hold.

After a 2 year battle Argade is back. She’s been in the studio recording her follow-up EP with producers Eren Cannata (Cody Simpson) and Carter Matschullat, from having been addicted to the Wake Up EP this is one release I’m eagerly anticipating.

27th October saw Sonali return to the fold with a brand spanking new single and this being Forever. All I can say is WOW this tune is a complete masterpiece and her songwriting is literally top notch. Now this majestical number oozed plenty of upbeat synth pop vibes and Argade’s flawless vocals left me in an utter daze. Those catchy lyrics were so uplifting which resulted in a right epic.

From having listened to Sonali’s EP Wake Up and having read her back story, I can tell she’s a fighter. When Argade was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, she didn’t let it get the better of her. Instead Sonali spent the time away learning about music production. Sonali Argade’s star is brightly shining and I for one cannot wait for the forthcoming EP.

The Wake Up EP and Forever can be purchased from iTunes

Official Site


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