The Ramona Flowers: Strangers Single Review


Signed to Distiller Records are Bristol based quintet Ramona Flowers. They formed all the way back in 2010 and took the name Ramona Flowers from the lead female character of the comic book/ film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. This fantastic five piece compromise of guitarist Sam James, bassist Wayne Jones, keyboardist/guitarist Dave Betts, drummer Ed Gallimore and vocalist Steve Bird. The way they met one another is interesting, Sam met Wayne at art school, Dave met Sam and Wayne in the pub, Ed met Dave through a girl in the bakery and Steve met the band through Craigslist.

They caught the eye of indie label Distiller Records pretty early on in their career and made their debut with the Dismantle EP in 2012. The following year they released a further two EPs, these being Lust and Lies and Brighter. Then in 2014 The Ramona Flowers unveiled their debut full length Dismantle and Rebuild which consisted of 11 gorgeous tunes. This record spawned the singles Vultures, Tokyo and Dismantle and Rebuild.

Earlier this year they dropped the Magnify EP and the lead single If You Remember was a sheer delight. This gorgeous track oozed plenty of dreamy synth pop goodness and the intriguing music video followed a former famous movie director played by Brian Blessed.

Now let get back to the review in question. The Ramona Flowers returned to the fold on 13th October 2017 with yet another sensational single. Strangers is the lead single from sophomore album Strangers and yet again it was another masterpiece. This delectable cut was packed with plenty of electronic beats and then you had that refreshing melody which transported me into a daydream. You can quite easily have a good boogie to it.

The vibrant vocals resonated plenty of wondrous 80’s synth pop vibes which left me completely hypnotised. Then you get to the enthralling lyrics which had me picturing meeting a girl/ boy for the first time but wanting to relive that moment over and over again “Don’t wanna get to know you/ Let’s be Strangers/ Cuz I wanna meet you/ For the first time again/ Forget about forever/ Let’s just be Strangers/ Cuz I wanna meet you/ For the first time again/ I wanna feel it/ For the first time again”.

November saw The Ramona Flowers release the official music video and this time they managed to recruit America’s Got Talent finalist KidTheWiz and his girlfriend. Just like the song this vivacious video is so addictive.

The Ramona Flowers do have something special and from listening to the back catalogue they can certainly write exquisite songs.

You can purchase Strangers from iTunes

Official Website


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