Hannah Trigwell @ Finborough Arms 15th December 2017



Hannah Trigwell is a sublime singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from Leeds. She’s extremely passionate about her music and has been in the business for a good 7 years. Trigwell has actually been on my radar for almost 5 years but the chance to witness her live has never arisen. This October Hannah made a short 5 day jaunt of the UK, having listened to the latest single Nobody made seeing her live a high priority. Trigwell would be previewing her upcoming debut album Red in its entirety. Unfortunately the Brighton date clashed with something else I had on that evening. These preview shows were a complete sell out and towards the end of October Hannah announce that there was to be a London show at the Finborough Arms.


Now this was an all seated affair which resulted in something super intimate. After having heard spectacular sets from Burrows Brown and Jack from Wild Front it was then time for the main course. “How are you all? I’m doing this thing where I waffle a lot and I have notes on my set list that says do not talk. And I’ve already ruined it. My name is Hannah Trigwell” she said before opening up with the stunning title track and this being Red. Everything about this compelling number was spot on. Performed at a steady pace, the glorious Red was packed with enchanting lyrics and Hannah’s vocals were sugary sweet. From the lyrics Red revolved around a relationship which has reached breaking point and it’s all down the alcohol. The girl knows the relationship isn’t healthy but it’s hard to get out of a relationship if you have feelings for that person “You bring out the worst in me/ But you’re my favourite guy/ All I see is Red, Red, Red/ All I breathe is Red, Red, Red/ All I taste is Red, Red, Red”. “I also hope you’re not judging me because I’m not wearing shoes onstage. I never do this I think this is awful. I’ve got these shoes and I can’t feel the pedals so I’ve taken them off to give you a better experience. So I’m sacrificing the wardrobe” Trigwell mentioned to the audience before getting stuck into I Blame You. I actually like it when musicians wear no shoes because it shows that they’ll always stay grounded. Anyways I found I Blame You to be incredibly upbeat and it can quite easily have you moving on the spot. Hannah’s sumptuous tones were incredible crisp then those lyrics drew me in. This infectious number could quite easily be the second part to Red as also detailed a toxic relationship “I Blame You for the state I’m in and I’m/ Black and blue is the state I’m in and I/ Oh I told myself we had nothing to defend/ I’ll be honest, broken hearts can rarely mend/ But you’ve caught me, turned the dial and we’re on again”. This spectacular oldie left me completely enthralled. “Has anyone heard of my music before. Has anyone stumbled in on the off chance?” Trigwell quipped before mentioning she was was ready for hecklers as she had savage comebacks. “I wrote this song on a day off of the tour a couple of years ago and then when I decided that I wanted to make an album it was the first song that I was like yeah that definitely needs to go on it” Hannah said to the gathered audience before getting stuck into oldie Another Beautiful Mistake. If I was to sum this up in one word it would have to be ENCHANTING. Another Beautiful Mistake was a beautiful piece of perfection, those gorgeous/ emotional lyrics left me utterly hypnotised and Trigwell’s vocals were so heavenly “I swear you’re gonna feel the repercussions/ Don’t you wanna taste my sweet revenge/ You – you’re gonna watch me make/ Another Beautiful Mistake/ You – you’re gonna watch me make/ Another Beautiful Mistake/ I’m half-cut, going out of my mind/ But you know what?/ I kinda like it and it’s/ You – you’re gonna watch me make/ Another Beautiful Mistake”. Next it was time for something more light hearted and this coming in the shape of Never Gonna Do That Again. Trigwell’s vibrant vocals were bright/ breezy and the smooth finger plucking were relaxing. Now those wondrous lyrics painted the picture of a relationship which everyone thought would succeed, however the girl realised he wasn’t the one “Tell your mother/ I love her/ But you were never really were the one/ Tell your sister/ I miss her/ And I’m sorry that I gotta run”. Maybe the thought of marriage was all too much. “I’m more used to playing and writing really sad songs but there are a couple of cheeky songs on there like that one” Hannah mentioned whilst distracting the audience whilst tuning her guitar. It was then time for a bit of Play It Again. Now this blissful jam was anthem esque aided by spectacular lyrics which left me spellbound “Do you recall/ The songs we used to sing to you every night/ And the TV shows/ That always made you cry/ The way you shot me down/ Every time we fight”. Once over it was back to the sad songs. “I put a video up of this song a few months ago. We wrote this song, we were just jamming along to a sad piano line that basically sums up my whole life, that’s what I do everyday. This song was born, it’s pretty self explanatory” Trigwell said before delving into Miss You. This majestical number was so breathtaking, Hannah’s vocals were so soothing whilst those tender lyrics were drenched in plenty of sadness. Basically it told the story of two would be lovers but fate intervened and split them apart “Wrong place, Wrong time/ Now you’ll never be mine/ And it’s just long enough ago/ I found a new way to let go/ But you keep barging back into my mind/ And you’re just about far enough away/ I forget we live in the same city/ And I imagine you living your life/ I’ll Miss You forever”.


“This next song is a song of mine which is special to me. It’s probably the most autobiographical song I’ve written for the album” Hannah Trigwell before jumping into the impeccable Without You. This gorgeous track literally stunned me to silence, Trigwell’s angelic vocals were sweet like chocolate and those beautiful lyrics had me hanging on every word “When I first met your mother/ I Straight away told her/ I knew that I loved you/ Thought she should know too/ I don’t know why I met you when I did/ But I don’t regret it/ All the heartache before/ Brought me to your door/ It was worth it”. Just witnessing Hannah perform this wonderful song right in front of me left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. “This song is one that came out fully formed in about 2 or 3 hours. It sounds like I’ve given birth to it. At last it was healthy. It’s one of those ones we didn’t have to do much to in terms of production” Trigwell said before delving into Filthy Rich. Delivered to perfection, this was a charming track aided by luscious lyrics and Hannah’s delectable vocal tones oozed plenty of sweetness. Song number 9 of the evening involved plenty of audience participation. Hannah mentioned how Glasgow weren’t up for joining in but the London audience were happy to oblige. After teaching all of us to sing the word Okay it was then onto the exquisite Everything Will Be Okay. This uplifting cut was flawlessly delivered, everything about the dreamy EWBO was sheer perfection and Hannah’s dazzling vocals sent shivers down my spine.


Nobody was the penultimate tune of the evening and it’s also the most recent single. Like most of the tracks performed the loop pedal played a prominent part. Still this compelling cut was a slice of pure genius, those punhy lyrics were incredibly contagious and Trigwell’s beautiful vocals left me in a complete daze. Hannah has something incredibly special, not only does she have heavenly vocal tones she’s also a sublime songwriter. “Thank you very much for being such a great audience. I’m really looking forward to releasing this album and I hope this preview gig has given you a nice little taster of what’s it going to be like. Thank you so so much for having me it’s been an amazing gig. I really appreciate you all listening which is pretty quite rare these days” Hannah Trigwell humbly said before ending with the tantalising Taboo.


I Blame You
Another Beautiful Mistake
Never Gonna Do That Again
Play It Again
Miss You
Without You
Filthy Rich
Everything Will Be Okay

OVERALL: I was greatly impressed with the material which Hannah showcased this evening. Each individual song is a real cracker and it also showcased the fact Trigwell can write tunes which will leave you captivated.

The majority of the material featured has appeared on YouTube in either demo form or as a live performance. New tunes such as Never Gonna Do That Again, Play It Again, Without You and Everything Will Be Okay were phenomenal live. This definitely wont be the last time I attend a Hannah Trigwell show.

Red comes out via Hannah’s own label TeaPot Records next month and I for one cannot wait to have a copy in my hands.


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