Tiger & Bloom: Monster Single Review

Canadian synth pop duo Tiger & Bloom come all the way from Toronto, Ontario. The two talented artists behind the name are Tiger Rose (vocals/ guitar/ drums) and Rikki Bloom (vocals, piano, synth). They are both wondrous singer/ songwriters whom intended to have solo careers. Anyways this tasty two piece came together in 2015 and earlier this year they made their debut with succulent single Hearts On Fire via the Rock Parlor Music Group.

27th October they returned with sophomore single Monster. Now they self-produced this tantalising track alongside Grammy-winning producer, Brian West and long-time friend and co-collaborator Kevin Dietz. Plus Monster was mixed in LA by Mark Needham. A month later they unveiled the official music video.

I’ve got plenty of praise for this high octane number. Monster is an energetic pop tune aided by punchy anthem like lyrics and then you had Tiger and Rikki’s sparkling vocals which were literally a full on force. For a split second I thought this was an interpretation of the Eminem/ Rihanna collab of Monster “You’ve created a Monster, Monster, Monster/ You’ve created a Monster out of me/ I can hide it no longer, longer, longer/ This is the animal in me”. After those opening lines Bloom came in with the flawless fast paced 1st verse which packed a weighty punch. Her vocals were sugary sweet and Rose’s tones blended together with them perfectly. Basically those luscious lyrics point to being in a toxic relationship which brings out the worst of you and you don’t like what you’ve become. Think Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Still I’m well and truly enthralled with this sensational number and I look forward to the forthcoming EP.

Tiger & Bloom are literally a force of nature and this impeccable song is so different compared to the synth driven Hearts On Fire.

Monster is available to purchase from iTunes (US/UK)

Official Website


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