Elizy: DPMO Single Review


Coming all the way from Oregon you have the insanely talented Elizy. Her burning passion for music started at the age of 5. Back then Elizy was given a keyboard and started piecing notes/ chords together. From that very moment she was hooked and had to constantly revisit the keyboard to finish what she started. Liz then caught the singing bug at the age of 12 where she auditioned for her school’s talent show.

At this moment in time Elizy has two tunes out in the public domain, these being debut single DPMO and then you have the year old Into The Jungle. She’s actually been releasing music since 2012 but this year Elizy relaunched herself and adopted this moniker.

Aside from that I’m literally blown away at how incredible DPMO actually is. The trance like melody was extremely upbeat and those well written lyrics packed a fierce punch. This track is an epic of all proportions and I fully expect a mind blowing music video“Tell me why/ Is the world around me so cruel/ Cold as ice/ But nothing’s colder than you/ You’ll feel the heat coming up/ And the flame reflect in my eyes/ You’ll say that you’ve had enough/ But watch the temperature rise/ Ooooooo I/ Take a lighter to your words/ Oooooo I/ Am the fire that always burns”. Then we get to Elizy’s rich sumptuous vocals which I considered to be rather breathtaking.

DPMO is a mixture of pop meets enchanting R&B which is such a splendid combination because the results are impeccable. I agree with what Elizy messaged me, DPMO is pure fire.

You can purchase DPMO from iTunes (US/ UK)



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