Kerri Watt @ Green Note 12th December 2017



Sharing the same bill as Twinnie and Laura Oakes you had Scottish songbird Kerri Watt. Now I’ve been a fan of Kerri’s for a good three years and the material she currently has to her name is literally sensational. I would say Watt’s genre is a mixture of country meets pop. Anyhow this glorious set compromised of 7 tantalising tunes all of which were extremely infectious.

It was around 8.45pm when a solo Kerri Watt graced the small stage armed with her acoustic guitar. Things opened up with the whimsical Who’s Lovin’ Me Now and this tasty treat served as Watt’s debut single. This light hearted tune was a mixture of pop meets folk which I consider to be the perfect combination. Watt’s vocals were charmingly sweet and the lyrics were so impeccable. Those vibrant verses were upbeat whilst I found the delectable chorus to be extremely hypnotising “Whoooo-who’s lovin’ me now?/ Who could see I need to be found?/ Always had love in my life, but I was never satisfied!/ What would my heart allow if no one’s lovin’ me now?”. Once over there was a rapturous applause. “Some people often ask me as a songwriter what comes first. The lyrics or the melody. It’s always different with every song. This next song I had this title idea for ages and I wasn’t sure how it was gonna come out in a song but one day I was sitting down at the piano, started playing this little melody and I was like ahhhhh that’s it that’s Old School Love” Kerri mentioned before getting stuck into the latest single and this being Old School Love. Delivered at a mellowing pace this number was a swooning piece of perfection. I actually found this song to be incredibly dreamy and was aided by Kerri’s fluffy candy coated vocals tones. Those tender lyrics saw Watt singing about how she would rather fall in love with someone in person rather that online (hence the title Old School Love).


Next it was onto a tempting tune about how Kerri’s mum was always right. Now the track in question being She Said. This smooth contagious track had me picturing a relationship which came to an end and the mother’s saying he wasn’t worth it “She Said don’t wait on the front line/ There’s a reason things come to an end/ Some people wanna waste your time/ You stay on the good side/ If you want my advice keep rolling, keep rolling the dice”. Kerri Watt then put the guitar down and went over to the keyboard for the following two songs. “A few years ago when I started writing music I wrote this one song and at the time I loved it and then I wrote better songs. I just kind of forgot about it and stopped playing it live. Then my little brother he’s also a musician, he started playing this song, my song at all his gigs and it was going down really well. I’m like hold on a second that’s my song. So I’ve taken it back and finally after about 4 years since I wrote it I’ve recorded it earlier this year in Nashville. So hopefully you’ll get to hear that next year” Watt said to the gathered audience before going into Sorrow. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this tantalising tune at The Borderline last year and all I can say is wow. Anyways Sorrow was so breathtaking and Kerri delivered it with plenty of gusto. Those upbeat lyrics were so sassy and at the same the same time I was picturing a failed relationship “Save me some of that Sorrow/ That you’re always talking about/ I’d like some to borrow/ If you handing it out”. Once over it was onto the tune which was a turning point in Watt’s career and this coming in the shape of Long Way Home. This song was extremely beautiful and those sleek lyrics had been written to perfection. That smooth melody sent chills up my spine and the Kerri’s mesmerising vocals meshed to it perfectly. Paris followed on and this was a fun fueled jam which left me grinning all the way throughout. Those exquisite lyrics were incredibly light and they uplifted my spirits at the same time. The vibrant verses were incredible and that compelling chorus packed a slight punch  “You’re a little bit of Paris/ Walking down a London road/ You’re the best kept secret/ My home away from home/ You’re a little bit of New York/ We got L.A too/ Where ever there’s a skyline/ That’s where I’ll wait for you”. Then you had Watt’s bright and breezy vocal tones which can put a smile on any face.


The curtain closer came in the shape of Wandering Kind. This was the first time my ears were hearing this tantalising tune. It was basically a breath of fresh air, the melody was slow in pace and those lovely lyrics were incredibly enchanting “Draw your map on my hand/ And wherever I am/ I’ll find a way/ Back into your arms”. I was sitting at my table in awe whilst Kerri Watt sweetly delivered this track. She truly has a gift for writing sublime songs and I for one cannot wait for the new EP.


Whose Lovin’ Me Now
Old School Love
She Said
Long Way Home
Wandering Kind


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