RIVVRS: Don’t Give Up On Me Single Review


Brandon Zahursky adopts the moniker RIVVRS and he’s a talented singer/ songwriter from San Francisco, currently based in Los Angeles. Way back in October RIVVRS unveiled his latest single Don’t Give Up On Me and this enthralling tune leaves me relishing more originals in the future.

Brandon first made his presence known in 2014 with the independently released Hold On EP which featured 4 fantastic tracks. Songs such as I Will Follow You, Save My Soul, Hold On and Can’t Get Enough showcased RIVVRS exquisite songwriting talents. Two years later Zahursky would unleash debut mini album Unfamiliar Skin via the Rogue Fire Records label which also spawned single Conquer. 2016 also saw the likes of Walk In The Wild and Change enter the public domain.

The powerful Don’t Give Up On Me is the 2nd RIVVRS single this very year (the splendid More Than A Fool dropped in the June) and it has me anticipating the forthcoming Cosmic Dream LP. Now that record comes out Spring 2018, with how fast 2017 has gone that album will be here sooner than later. Aside from that this sumptuous single has been perfectly written as those impeccable lyrics were incredibly mesmerising. Don’t Give Up On Me was a wondrous folk ballad and the lyrics detailed Brandon’s inner turmoil (he actually endured and overcame both anxiety and depression). Zahursky’s rich vocal tones had me picturing Marcus Mumford (Mumford & Sons) and those lyrics were packed with plenty of emotion. What got me was the chorus which saw RIVVRS say to a loved one Don’t give up on me and I will over come this “Hanging on by a thread/ Hanging on to the man I used to be/ It feels like we’re getting closer to the end/ Honey please Don’t Give Up On Me, yet/ Don’t Give Up On Me”.

Don’t Give Up On Me is available from iTunes (UK/ US)

Official Website


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