Cherryade: Sleigh Me Single Review

Cherryade are a dazzling duo compromising of childhood friends Alex and Ella. This tantalising two piece have already released the likes of Houdini, Fractured Fairytales, The Crown, Get By, Theresa May, Blah Blah and most recently My Town. They’ve done this all independently and I applaud them because they truly have something special. Earlier this year I witnessed their debut London show at The Islington and those sublime originals knocked me for six (I cannot wait to hear studio versions of No One and Trophy Wife).

Today (8/12) saw Cherryade unveil their attempt at a Christmas song and this coming in the shape of Sleigh Me. Packed with plenty of attitude, this banger of a track was produced by Lewis Gardiner (ex Prides). Now Lewis had previously worked with both Ella and Alex on the spectacular single Get By.

Here is what they had to say ‘We both love Christmas, so it’d feel wrong if we didn’t try our hand at writing a song for it. We noticed a lot of Christmas songs are actually really inappropriate so we wanted to highlight that by taking things one step further and crossing the line even more… think Santa Baby on speed!’.

Sleigh Me is a festive anthem in the making, the lyrics were addictive then you had the thumping upbeat melody which had me hooked. Anyhow this succulent song kicked off with the traditional sleigh bells then Ella came in with her sugary sweet vocal tones which packed a fierce punch. Those vibrant verses were pacey but what stood out for me was the thumping chorus “Santa fill my stocking tonight / Won’t you come and mince my pie? / If you can give me / You can give me / A good ride/ Come on and Sleigh Me/ Come on Santa Sleigh Me”.

All in all this enthralling number was sheer synth bliss. Those whimsical lyrics were both naughty and nice leaving me utterly compelled in the process. Now this Cherryade will never go flat as both Alex and Ella are full of beans.

You can purchase Sleigh Me from iTunes

Official Site


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