Meadowlark @ The Islington 1st December 2017


Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley make up the insatiable Bristol based duo Meadowlark. After having released a trio of EP’s within the space of 4 years (365, Dual and Nocturnes) Meadowlark finally unveiled their debut album Postcards earlier this June. Now that luscious LP compromised of 13 outstanding originals.

I was actually pleasantly surprised that this was a free event as I would have happily paid for a ticket because A) Meadowlark are incredible B) Kate is such a lovely human being and C) Dan is so cool. So I immediately snapped up two tickets via Wegottickets and it came as no surprise that this London headline show sold out.

Fast forward to 1st December, I arrived at the venue at 5.45pm just in time for doors at 6pm. Only all the listings were wrong and the doors were in fact at 7.30pm. So once inside I waited for the support to take the stage at 8.30. I was actually digging the short but sweet set from Mauwe and I’ll definitely keep tabs on them in the future. Singer Portia Conn even had a cold but she powered through impressing me in the process. The sumptuous showcase ended around 8.50pm and both Kate and Daniel graced the stage at 9.40pm.

Things kicked off with some banter from Kate McGill whilst Daniel Broadley sorted out the technical difficulties. “We are funded by mostly ourselves and sometimes things break. So half of this stuff doesn’t work and we’ve fixed it ourselves. Long story short a couple of these shouldn’t be plugged in. I’m going to take full responsibility for it” Daniel mentioned whilst Kate was fixing her keyboard. Anyhow the performance opened up with Parrafin. McGill took the lead for this glorious tune and her vibrant vocals were sticky sweet whilst Broadley chipped in with the harmonies and stellar production. Still I found this jam to be highly infectious, those enthralling lyrics packed a punch and at the same time it reminded me of Lucy Rose’s Work It Out era.

After plenty of applause it was then time for Pink Heart. Now I’ve got nothing but praise for this delectable number, Kate’s glorious tones were candy coated and they easily gave me a sugar rush. The melody was upbeat and those lyrics were so cheery resulting me smiling all the way throughout. “We released an album earlier this year and it took so fucking long for it to come out. Sorry about that. This is the first kind of London show we’re doing with the album and it just feels amazing. Thank you so much for coming” Kate McGill graciously mentioned before they both got stuck into Satellite. This phenomenal song was delivered to perfection, the instrumentation was so smooth and McGill’s fluffy vocals were sweet like chocolate. Those impeccable lyrics had me entranced from the get go.

Once over it was straight into Body Lose. I found this to be incredibly spellbinding and other than the hookable lyrics you also had Kate’s sweet vocal tones. Whilst the verses were spectacular my favourite part had to be the thumping chorus“I felt my Body Lose/ I will never see that day, I will never see that day again”. Next it was time for a bit of One and this upbeat tune was a contagious piece of perfection. Those enchanting lyrics were extremely beautiful and revolved around the topic of love “I can be the One”.

“Shall we pick it up abit? Two words Donald Trump” Kate McGill asked before they dived into Sunlight. I found this to be a whimsical track with smooth verses and a punchy chorus “But if you’re only going one night/ I’ll let you in before the Sunlight/ And if you’re only going one night/ I’ll let you in before the Sunlight, Sunlight”. If you’ve watched the Sunlight music video then you’ll understand the Donald Trump remark. “I can’t honestly believe how many people are here. We’re so so grateful, we can’t really put it into words. This year’s been really cool for us and I was saying to Dan earlier It’s cool you get into bands with friends when you’re younger and you try and get a gig in your local place and maybe 10 people come and then you think maybe I can gig in London one day. To think that we’re playing London and this many people come and it’s sold out, people buy merch and actually like our music” McGill humbly said before delving into That’s Life. This was the first time I was witnessing it live and I was left utterly spellbound. Those lyrics left me mesmerised, the vocals were tremendous and the keyboard driven melody was incredibly heavy. That’s Life was a swooning masterpiece which both Kate and Dan effortlessly delivered. Actually it sent shivers down my spine.

Infused to That’s Life was title track Postcards. This dazzling song was drenched with plenty of emotion and Kate’s vocal tones were pleasant on the ear “Yesterday, I sent Postcards to your front door/ I just want you to know, you to know/ It’s nice being loved/ I just want you to know, you to know/ It’s nice being loved”. Eyes Wide was next up and this tune captivated me from the word go. Aside from the harmonising by Daniel, Kate sang the bulk of this track. Now McGill’s vocals were both sticky sweet and angelic leaving me completely spellbound. “We put out a cover weeks or months, my timing is awful. Does anyone know Francis And The Lights. We did a cover of one of his songs we fell in love with” Kate said before they both tackled May I Have This Dance. Kate’s vocals were silky smooth and the ethereal melody resulted in something magical. Dan’s harmonies were rich and the lyrics were so so sweet/ beautiful. Undercover meshed to the ending of May I Have This Dance and just like That’s Life it was the first time witnessing this live. All I can say is WOW, Undercover was an upbeat gem aided by super sassy lyrics which packed a fierce punch.

There was a massive sing along to Fly. “I was with some friends recently and they say it’s really when you’re doing music to appreciate every show like it’s your last ever show. Which sounds a bit cheesy” Broadley mentioned before the dove into the pleasing/ epic Fly. Kate provided the glistening vocals and Daniel provided the sublime harmonies. The verses were spectacular and the short chorus “Won’t you fly with me/ Oh, save me” was memorable.

The curtain closer came in the shape of Headlights. Now this was a delightful song which emitted plenty of synth pop vibes. Just seeing this tasty tune right in front of my eyes left me in a trance. Headlights was a steadily paced chilled out cut aided by Kate’s candy coated vocals.


Pink Heart
Body Lose
That’s Life
Eyes Wide
May I Have This Dance

OVERALL: Once over everyone was left with the desire to hear more Meadowlark goodness. Only an encore wasn’t forthcoming which was fair enough considering they performed the entire Postcards LP in full.

Despite all the technical issues (there was a slight problem during That’s Life where sound was coming out of one monitor but not the other) Meadowlark knocked it out of the ball park. Postcards is an incredible debut album and it was nice to see them perform the likes of That’s Life/ Undercover for the first ever time. I even had a guy behind me singing his heart out and his singing was actually really decent.

Both That’s Life/ Undercover were outstanding live but when it comes to picking a highlight it had to be Pink Heart. The reason why Pink Heart is my highlight is down to the fact it’s charmingly beautiful and Kate McGill’s vocals were so fluffy.

I have so much time for Meadowlark and I for one cannot wait to see what next year brings them both.


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