Louis Brennan: London Single Review


London based Dubliner Louis Brennan is a talented singer/ songwriter and he made his Independent debut earlier this May with The Culture Of Resistance. He then followed this sumptuous single up in September with Bit Part Actor.

13th November saw Brennan return to the fold with London. Taken from the forthcoming debut album Dead Capital, this dazzling track was the perfect slice of traditional folk. Now I found this number to be highly addictive/ upbeat and those lyrics described our all too common affair with documenting our daily mundane activities. Also they followed Louis on his regular commute on the 277 bus “But on the 277/ I am starting to cry/ With my head in my hands/ I am wondering why/ I get up in the morning/ Go to bed at night/ When nothing ever happens in between?/ But baby I am on the verge of collapse/ It’s like I can’t wake up/ But I can’t relax/ And we’re not getting any younger/ Let’s face the facts/ We are mining an empty seam”.

I found the lyrics to be extremely mesmerising but it was Brennan’s brooding vocal tones which sent shivers up my spine. I love my folk music and the richness of Louis’s vocals had me picturing artists such as Gabriel Bruce, Nick Cave and Ed Harcourt.

The charmingly lo-fi lyric video depicts iconic London landmarks and the staples of inner-city living, including grey skies, crowded streets and the tube, filmed on a fuzzy camcorder and candidly capturing endearingly wobbly shots.

Here is what Louis had to say regarding London “Here’s the video for ‘London’. It’s on the border of so shit it’s good and just plain shit, obviously my intention being the former. Nothing says self-indulgent hipster like an obsession with obsolete technology!”.

I however beg to differ, the whole fuzziness gave me that sense of nostalgia of watching a blank VHS tape packed with shows you’ve recorded on it.

You can download London from iTunes

Debut LP Dead Capital drops on 28th February

Official Website


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