Kill The Ideal: Crazy Single Review

Lincolnshire trio Kill The Ideal consist of Ash Wilson (guitar/vocals), Luke Farmer (bass) and Jordan Bell (drums). They made their debut in 2015 with the tremendous Heritage EP and a couple of months they unveiled the self titled sophomore.

Crazy is the third single to be taken from the Kill The Ideal EP and once again it’s a splendid piece of British Rock. This sumptuous single dropped on 21st November and it’s a right fire cracker. Ash’s formidable vocals oozed plenty of electric energy whilst those impeccable lyrics left me hooked. The funky Crazy detailed a relationship that’s broken down and this is definitely a track you can rock out too.

The chorus packed a punch “Don’t you call me Crazy/ You’re crazier than me/ Everybody’s waiting/ Waiting for the Crazy to begin/ Don’t you talk about love/ When you were the one that cast me out/ Everybody’s Crazy crazier than me” whilst those hypnotising verses had me picturing Simple Plan.

The Crazy music video features a performance from the band shot in a fresh white room, entwined with humorous and colourful clips to represent the light and dark of every relationship.

Here’s what frontman Ash Wilson had to say regarding the Crazy music video “The video for ‘Crazy’ is unlike anything we’ve ever done before, the track itself has a pretty hard message behind it but we wanted to showcase this in a different, lighthearted way. It captures the reality of a broken relationship and explains how we’ve all been made to feel a little crazy at some point”.

Right at the end there’s even a nod to the Dangerous music video.

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