Catherine McGrath: Thought It Was Gonna Be Me Single Review


Catherine McGrath is a mega talented singer/ songstress who is destined for big things. 15th November saw McGrath unveil her latest installment via Warner Bros Records and this coming in the shape of Thought It Was Gonna Be Me.

Now Catherine is a charming girl who comes all the way from Northern Ireland, two years ago she moved to the big city to pursue her singing dream. The prior single Talk Of This Town basically told how McGrath had un supportive friends whom laughed when Catherine said she wanted to sing. I guess McGrath has had the last laugh because she’s on the cusp of greater things. For starters Catherine’s supported a glut of Country stars and she’s even sold out her first headline show.

Thought It Was Gonna Be Me has become McGrath’s ninth consecutive New Music Friday UK playlisted track on Spotify. I cannot praise this wondrous single enough, Thought It Was Gonna Be Me was a majestical country ballad along with hypnotising lyrics which tugged on my heartstrings. To sum things up Catherine liked this one guy who’d returned to town, they came close to hooking up before he left but unfortunately that didn’t happen. They then attend a concert to see a band and McGrath thinks this is the moment only to be dealt with a crushing blow when she sees he has girlfriend “You said the band goes on at 9, you had me high on butterflies/ Then I saw the girl standing by your side, had to smile so i wouldn’t cry”

Now the chorus is so heartbreaking when McGrath mentioned how she bought a new dress especially for this moment “And I don’t know what hurts the worst, me alone or you with her, or all the time I wasted on the things we never were/ Or the way her hand was in your hand like I wanted mine to be/ Or standing in the brand new dress I bought, cuz I Thought It Was Gonna Be Me”.

Even though you should be happy for them you can’t because it feels as if you’ve been kicked in the stomach. Things are just so raw. As this tempting tune progresses you realise that Catherine missed her opportunity “Should’ve told you, should’ve told you, only got myself to blame/ Should’ve kissed you, Should’ve kissed you/ Now it’s too late…guess it’s too late/ I really Thought It Was Gonna Be Me”. Whist this guy was out of town he then met someone.

I was lucky to hear this enticing number at September’s Never Fade Sessions at The Social and I was blown away by how incredible it actually was. McGrath’s vibrant vocals were super sweet whilst the luscious lyrics did bring a lump to my throat.

This succulent single is the 2nd track to be lifted from the upcoming debut. Set to be released Spring 2018 this is one dazzling debut I’ll need in my life.

At the time of writing Catherine is two dates into the Dan + Shay tour and has wowed the crowds at London’s Koko and Bristol’s Trinity. The remaining dates will see McGrath play in Birmingham (1/12), Manchester (3/12), Glasgow (4/12) and then she’ll play two homecoming shows in Dublin (6/12) and Belfast (7/12).

5th March 2018 will see Catherine McGrath headline her first ever show at The Camden Assembly. Tickets for that are completely sold out, but don’t fear there will be plenty of opportunities to witness her live next year.

You can purchase this tasty tune from iTunes

Official Site


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