Josh McGovern: Love Left Lost Single Review

Josh McGovern is back with his brand new single Love Left Lost. I became aware of Josh’s music towards the end of July and I was immediately enthralled with what I was hearing. Now McGovern comes all the way from Brighton and he’s a sensational Independent singer/ songwriter.

Love Left Lost was unveiled on 17th November and it’s brimming with plenty of dark folk/ Americana vibes. Played at a steady pace, everything about this enticing track was spot on, those lyrics left me spellbound and then Josh’s vocals were deeply rich. Actually I was reminded of the likes of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Ed Hardcourt.

Here is what McGovern had to say “I wrote ‘Love Left Lost’ after falling off the rails and spending a few months in my own head. It was in the dead of winter and I had felt inadequate in the wake of some rough times, so I locked myself away in my old friend Jim’s house whilst he was away and wrote the song. It may sound clichéd but I’ve always found writing music helps me get through those phases we all experience from time to time, and ‘Love Left Lost’ was about me expressing that and getting back up again”.

Love Left Lost is available from iTunes

UPDATE: 12th December 2017 saw McGovern unveil the official music video for Love Left Lost and I must say it’s so compelling. The fact it’s all in black and white resulted in something hauntingly beautiful. Also those rippling waves on the British coast were extremely relaxing. Josh’s vocals are richly distinctive and at the same time this track oozed plenty of folk/ Americana vibes.


Official Site


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