Girl Blue: Dreams Single Review


Arielle O’Keefe is a singer, songwriter and produced who adopts the moniker Girl Blue. She was born and raised in New York and Dallas on classical piano, choir music, hip hop and Ani Difranco. O’Keefe developed an interest in music at an early age and she wrote her first song (about the annoyances of sharing her room with her brother) at the age of 5!!. Then a year later she started to play the piano and then at the age of 12 Arielle took up the guitar. In 2011, O’Keefe appeared on the musical reality show Opening Act and she was chosen to open a concert for Rod Stewart.

Fast forward to May 2017, Arielle unveiled her debut EP I Am Not A Star under the moniker Girl Blue. She adopted this name because Nina Simone’s album Little Girl Blue had captivated. Released via AntiFragile Music this compelling EP comprimised of 7 extradinary songs and it was embraced by Spotify. Her first single Fire Under Water became a success having garnered over 2.2 million plays on streaming services.

13th October saw Girl Blue return with a brand new single and this being an unique interpretation of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams. All I can say about this soulful take on this well known song is WOW. Now I love Fleetwood Mac and I especially adore the Rumours album and O’Keefe definitely does this well known song justice. Also it even featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist in the USA.

Here is what Arielle had to say “Rumours was an album I’d had around as a kid but it hit me really differently as an adult. The album is full of hits, but Dreams has always been the quintessential Rumours song for me”.

Girl Blue’s interpretation of Dreams was a breathtaking piece of perfection. Her sumptuous vocal tones radiated plenty of soulful vibes and then the slow paced melody sent chills up my spine.

The video below was directed by Chromoscope Pictures, the visuals portray a female character out in the woods at night singing incantations over a spell she’s casting. She explains “I think that visual really leans into the foreboding you’ll regret this side of the lyric, I wanted to channel Stevie and the spirit of the song a la ‘The Craft’ and the ‘The VVitch’’ it was really fun to do”.

Dreams is available to download on iTunes

Official Website

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