New Portals: Sober Single Review

Ruth and Michael Aicken make up the dazzling duo New Portals. Coming all the way from Belfast, Northern Ireland this wondrous two piece do have a bright future ahead of them. Earlier this year they unveiled the Stereo EP which featured the likes of Fill Me Up, Stereo, Sunshine and Move So Slow.

Well they are back with a brand spanking new single and this being Sober. Now all proceeds from download sales of the single go to Macmillan and the Go Sober For October campaign.

Ruth and Michael wrote this glitzy tune and it’s an epic synth delight which entranced me on my very first listen. Regarding the new single New Portals say, “‘Sober’ is about your ‘desert island friend’, the friend where you would be perfectly entertained if you were stuck on a desert island with them. No need for external help to have fun, ‘Sober’ is a celebration of this type of bond that we all need”.

I’ve nothing but praise for this succulent single. Ruth’s sugary sweet vocals were fragile, the lyrics hypnotised me and then you had the impeccable enchanting harmonising. Basically this song is saying you don’t need to drink excessively to have a good time “I like to party when we’re Sober/ Don’t Need no buzz when you come over/ Because you are the reason/ I like to party when we’re Sober”. The song itself celebrates the very real option of enjoying sobriety.

New Portals are an exciting prospect and they have received support from Radio 1 with both Phil Taggart and Huw Stephens. I for one cannot wait to hear more outstanding originals in the nearby future.

You can download Sober from Bandcamp and iTunes.

UPDATE: Yesterday (13/12) saw New Portals unveil the official music video for SObER. I must say this acoustic version is extremely mesmerising. Anyhow this video is a colourful explosion and features Ruth Aicken dancing among a kaleidoscopic wave of visuals. This tasty tune celebrates the option of enjoying sobriety and it’s a song I literally adore. Mainly the fact I can relate to it.

Still Sober is a real jam along with Ruth’s sticky sweet vocal tones and delectable lyrics which emitted plenty of warmth. Regarding the music video, I have one word and that’s ENCHANTING.

Official Site


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