FONX @ The Bedford 19th September 2017


Last month saw Corey Fox-Fardell unleash his debut single Can’t Get Enough under the moniker FØNX. That entrancing track oozed plenty of sleek RnB Pop vibes and it showcased Corey’s exquisite song writing abilities. He is in fact a former pupil of the Brit School and I can see plenty of potential.

So when I saw that he was to play at Balham’s The Bedford attending this show was a must. I couldn’t get enough of the debut single and I wanted to witness what else FØNX has up his sleeve.

This short but sweet set compromised of 6 tantalising tunes and it was the pop rock combo Can’t Get Enough which kickstarted proceedings. Now this sumptuous song was an infectious toe tapper and those luscious lyrics had me completely captivated. FØNX’s crisp rap esque vocals tones had me picturing Ed Sheeran whilst the edgy melody was reminiscent to the Arctic Monkeys. Straight after it was time for Hit Me Hard and this being relaxing but enchanting tune. Now this compelling cut actually was uploaded to FØNX’s YouTube channel plus he made a music video which consisted of clips from the film Kill Bill. So much energy resonated from Corey’s performance and those deliciously dark lyrics packed a fierce punch “This girl’s a killer/ Yeah and now I’m bleeding in the trunk of her car/ This girl’s gone ape shit crazy/ Thought that fother mucker smashed up all my guitars/ And the mad thing is/ I could see it in her eyes from the start/ Well ain’t that funny/ This girl knows how to hit me hard”. Straight after it was time for a bit of Don’t Feel Like Lovin’. Now this glittering original was simply spectacular, Fardell’s smooth vocal tones radiated plenty of soulful RnB vibes and at the same time thoughts of Justin Timberlake sprung to my mind. All in all this glitzy tune left me utterly spellbound. The pacey Complex was the next to be played and this was a mesmerising piece of perfection. FØNX’s vibrant vocals were smooth like butter sending chills up my spine in the process. Now the uber contagious lyrics revolved around “complicated love” with a girl who (in his friends eyes) is no good. “This is a song I wrote in London and I had a few days spare” Corey said before embarking onto Come On Over. One word for this number would be hypnotic, the slick vocals were pleasant on my ear whilst the tender lyrics resonated plenty of soulful vibes. Fardell then wrapped this evening up with the tasty Time. Now this stripped back cut was incredibly laid back resulting in something I fell for hook line and sinker. FØNX’s vocal tones were candy coated whist those delightful lyrics were extremely sweet


Can’t Get Enough
Hit Me Hard
Don’t Feel Like Lovin’
Come On Over

OVERALL: All in all this was one sensational performance from an artist who does have the potential to blossom. Whilst FØNX has recently made his debut, he’s actually been on the live circuit for the past year. Still Corey has something extremely special, the songs showcased this evening were exquisite and it has me anticipating his next move.

I literally cannot get enough of his debut single and then you have the likes of Hit Me Hard which had me hooked from the word go. Corey truly has the knack for writing killer songs and I cannot wait to hear more outstanding originals in the future.

FØNX will be performing at the Servant Jazz Quarters this October supporting Firewoodisland and it’s something I don’t want to miss.


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