Austin David: Find Me A New Way Single Review

Austin David is a Michigan kid, now based in Los Angeles. Find Me A New Way is the latest single from David and it’s taken from the upcoming 5 track Life, Love and Death EP.  Now he got his initial start in music by playing in cover bands all over Michigan state . Eventually, he went on to write his own music and began to perform all over Grand Rapids, Michigan. Upon the tragic loss of his father, Austin then decided it was time to make a life changing decision and packed his bags for Los Angeles. It was here where he released his debut independent album Ball Point Pen. The following year he unveiled 3 singles and these being What I’ll Do, Frames and Infinity.

So 18th August 2017 saw Austin David unleashed the tasty Find Me A New Way and it’s a real fire cracker. I’ve literally had it on constant repeat, this succulent single showcased David’s exquisite songwriting skills and his glittering vocals radiated plenty of rapped pop vibes (I was in fact reminded of Ed Sheeran). I know we are now in the Autumn season but this glorious feel good song is a must for any Summer playlist.

Oozing plenty of dancehall EDM beats this number is your new addiction. Austin’s vocal tones were bright/ breezy, those lyrics were highly contagious making me fall for this tasty track hook line and sinker.

Austin David truly has a way with words and I eagerly anticipate the Life, Love and Death EP this Autumn.

You can purchase Find Me A New Way from iTunes

Official Site


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