Daily Dig: Sara Diamond


22 year old Sara Diamond is a tremendous talent all the way from Montreal, Canada. She’s had quite the journey, back when she was the age of 5 she joined children’s pop collective Kidzup who went onto sell millions of records. Then in 2009 Sara was recruited by Interscope head Jimmy Iovine to join Canadian teen pop trio the Clique Girlz, this three piece would disband later that year.

In the years that followed, Sara Diamond quietly worked on her craft and re emerged in 2016 with the spectacular single Just Give In. This captivating cut was released via CYOR Sound.  Flowing plenty of R&B goodness, Just Give In is a spellbinding tune which had me hooked from the very beginning. Now Diamond’s refreshing vocals were sugary sweet and those enticing lyrics have me picturing someone giving into their desires without thinking about the consequences.

8th June saw Diamond unleash her sophomore single and this being Back To You. Now this was a gem of a song which oozed plenty of sleek R&B Pop vibes. Everything about this tantalising track was sheer perfection, Sara’s glitzy vocals left me mesmerised whilst those powerful lyrics focused on a painful relationship break down. You can tell from both lyrics and visuals that Sara really loved this guy “Tell me/ What am I going to do?/ To stop myself from running Back To You/ Please tell me/ What am I going to do?/ To stop myself from running Back To You”.

Last month Sara Diamond unveiled her third single and this being Unsure. Along with plenty of swirling synths, the upbeat Unsure was a fresh and funky cut aided by lyrics which packed a fierce punch. Sara’s vibrant vocals were incredibly hypnotising and then you had tantalising lyrics describing the uncertainties that plague you whilst dating “I’m a little Unsure/ Cause it’s been so long/ Can we take it real slow/ I’m a little Unsure/ Just a little Unsure/ Will we make it far/ Keep it on the low/ I’m a little Unsure”.

Here is what Sara had to say ““Unsure” is all about all about that mini-freakout you have when you realize things are moving super fast. Sometimes you want to let yourself get caught up in the excitement- you want to act impulsively and do what feels good… But then you remember that if you don’t take a step back and slow down a little, things might just flame out before they get a chance to grow”.

Putting these three songs in perspective, Sara Diamond is one outstanding talent who not only has beautiful vocal tones but she also has the knack for penning catchy songs. During her late teens she actually became disenchanted with the music industry. I for one am glad she re emerged because Sara has something incredibly special.

Also I have to mention Diamond has collaborated with the likes of Naji (Thoughts), Paris & Simo (Keep Me Close) and Adventure Club (Firestorm).

You can purchase Sara’s music from iTunes (UK/ USA)

Official Site


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