Taliwhoah: Details Single Review

Born in London but based in Los Angeles you have the talented Taliwhoah. Having featured on tunes by the likes of Ultraviolet and Ralph Hardy, Talitha Cross is stepping into the limelight. She is signed to Rostrum Records and in June she made her debut with Details. Now this is one formidable tune which oozes plenty of chilled out R&B vibes, actually it’s perfect for the Summer.

Tali’s vocal tones were crisp/ mesmerising and those exquisite lyrics piqued my interest. I can in fact pick up on dancehall elements. Taliwhoah is most definitely someone who has a bright future, I cannot wait to hear more from her in the future.

“I was thinking about tattoos as an analogy for life,” Tali adds. “The biggest risks you take define you. Those little details we’re left with are what matter the most. It’s a moment of reflection for me.”

Cross’s passion for music runs through her veins, her mother Toyin Adekale and auntie Maizie Williams were in the influential band Boney M. Therefore Tali since she was little would spend hours watching and studying their VHS tapes and learning from the very best.

The moment Tali moved to LA was when her desire to write songs was born. Cross was infact left homeless due to difficult circumstances soshe slept in Union Station many times, scared, alone and writing songs as a survival tactic. Fast forward a couple of years and Tali Cross was signed a record deal with Rostrum Records.

Details is available from iTunes



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